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    24V siren electric current

    Hi all. I have installed a 24v SEV Marchal siren in my M38A1 and I have secured it with a 15 amp fuse and worked fine. Last week I got a 24v Siren by Sir-EA-ne Brooklyn Laboratories INC. When I installed it, the 15A fuse melted. The siren works when i push the button but after a few seconds...
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    12v siren on M38A1 24v

    OR this?
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    12v siren on M38A1 24v

    Thanks. I think i will keep the simple wiring. Anyway its only for shows.
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    12v siren on M38A1 24v

    First, is the wiring correct or i will have a problem? Second i dont know how to wire the relay or what type should i use. I am thinking to use a heavy duty push button (similar to start button). It says 12v 30A or 24v 15A
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    12v siren on M38A1 24v

    Thanks for the reply. The siren draws 23amps. You are right about the unbalanced power draw, i thought that for that little use it wont be a problem for the battery. This is what i was thinking to do
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    12v siren on M38A1 24v

    Hi. I have a M38A1 (24V system) and i want to connect a 12v siren. Can i use the same ground for negative and connect the siren to the + pole of the first battery with fuse box and switch? The siren will work as you can imagine very little, only for parades and shows. Thanks The siren is...
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