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    Ferret B60 spark plug gap

    Wasn't exactly sure if this is the correct forum to post this as Steel Soldiers doesn't exactly have an "Armored Car" section. Anyone on here happen to know what the spark plug gap would be for a Rolls B-60 engine used in the Ferret scout car...
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    Track jacks carried on M113

    Were track jacks carried aboard M113 APCs? How many were carried? just one or were they used in pairs? Regards, Matt
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    Names on British MVs

    Was wondering about this: I've read that when American vehicle crews deside to name "their" vehicle that the first letter of the name has to coincide with the Company the vehicle is attached to. For example a tanked named "Appache" would be from "A" Company. I think this is why some vehicles had...
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    How much soda to blast an M548

    Wanted the Hive Mind's opinion on this: I'm starting to take steps to strip all of the old paint off of my M548A1's hull. after much thought, I've desided to use a soda blaster. My only "media blasting" experience was with a sand blast cabinet & it was just a few small items...
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    Ferret radiator hose replacement

    Anyone on here ever replace the hoses on their ferret scout car? 'been researching how to do it and my question for those that know & have is this: The rubber hoses used appear to be just straight 'coupling" types w/no bends or odd angles moulded in. Can generic radiator hose* cut to fit be...
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    Media blasting & M series wiring harnesses

    Question for the Hive Mind on here: When I finally get around to media blasting my M548A1's aluminum hull, can I leave the wiring harness in place? Will the blasting grit (Black Beauty for example) harm the harness? I know it's not good for bearings & seals but what about the rubber coating on...
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    Question for the M1081 owners on here

    How quiet is the interior of one while underway? ' been in an M35A2 and you have to shout to be heard by the guy sitting next to you. From the pics I've seen, it looks like the (whole?) top of the cab is removable on the M1081 is it? I haven't seen a pic with one topless save for images of the...
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    6V53T belts & hoses

    Guys Before I start my google search, Does anyone on here know were I might be able to pick up belts, hoses and general tune up parts for the 6V53T detroit diesel engine? Figured while mine was out of the M548A1 it would be a good time to do all that. Regards, Matt
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    Removing the steering Diff from an M548A1

    Trying to remove the steering diff in my M548A1 and have gotten everything (un)done except for the left hand universal. It seems that bolts that hold it together can't be removed whithout backing into either the brake disc or the final drive housing.I've checked the manuals that I have on hand...
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    Stripping M548 hull

    For starters I've read the thread below on "sand" blasting aluminum and found it very informative. I would have asked this question on there but thought that it would be high-jacking that thread... I'm in the...
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    Question about torsion bars

    Are the torsion bars in an M548 (or M113 for that matter) identical (interchangable) from first to last? Or does each have a specific position that it has to go (back) into? Matt
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    Insurance questions for track owners

    Hey everyone! Have a couple of questions for the tack owners on here. I'm a new M548 owner and was wondering if any "track" owners have insurance on their vehicles? Who is the policy with and are there any stipulations pertaining to the vehicle's use? They don't come with titles so can't...
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    Beam sling for lifting power packs

    Thought that maybe I should post this over in "Conversations' as it might get more looks but thought that this forum would be more proper considering...... I'm in the process of removing the powerpack assembly from my M548A1. While I have a (Civilian) wrecker that can handle...
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    Question about M548 Unit maintenenace manual

    Guys Does anyone know if the TM 9-2350-247-20-1 unit maintenance manual for the M548A1 cargo carrier has a section on pulling the powerpack? I have this manual on the way(ordered). I'd like to pull my M548A1's power pack but instead of just "unhooking everything"...
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    Weight of a Detroit Diesel 6V53T

    Any ideas what the weight of a power pack is out of an M548A1? It's the same one used in the M113A2 so it's a Detroit Diesel 6V53T with the Allison X200-3 cross drive transmission. Matt
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    M548A1 windshield & cab top removal

    Hello List! Well, looks like I did it this time! Pulled the trigger on an M548A1 6 ton cargo carrier. I'm supposed to do the recovery on it soon. For transpo purposes, I'd like to lower (or remove) the windshield & cab top bows. Does the windshield...
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    premium membership

    If someone has paid for the premium membership (so he can post adds in the for sale section) Would the mods notify him when that membership was activated? Sent in paymrnt a while ago & have heard nothing. That's why I ask. Matt
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    How about a what to look at when looking at an M561 Sticky?

    Maybe I missed it? But I'm kind of surprised that no one has made a thread on What to look for when looking at a potential gama goat purchase. A "so you want to buy a Gama Goat" sticky. Couldn't hurt.... Matt
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    Any former (or current?) LAV 25 crewmen on here?

    Hey, Just wondering if there are any former or current LAV-25 crewmen on here? I have some questions that really can't be answered by Wikipedia.... Thanks. Matt
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    Replacement power packs for MTVs?

    Hello List! Just curious to know, what's the going rate (if there is one) for a replacement radiator,engine, transmission & T-case for an M1083A1? Thanks. Regards...
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