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    FMTV/LMTV heater box wanted

    I have one in Winston Salem NC. $100 cash
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    Official 2022 Denton Military rally thread, April 23rd-24th

    Figured it was about time to start a thread, who's coming, what are you bringing, parts for sale, etc? I personally have a couple new additions to bring, this year I will have my MTVR with a matching MTVR trailer, so nothing special there. What I am excited about bringing is my new to me...
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    LMTV Air Conditioner

    I have quite a few of the pullies for anyone looking. $310 shipped. Will include a couple v-belts but I don't have a clue if they are the correct belts or not, I got them with the pullies. I also have a couple evaporator units, not sure what I want for them though.
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    Warren hydraulic winch

    I have a complete factory hydraulic winch setup of a FMTV if interested. Winch, PTO/pump, hydraulic hoses, etc etc. In NC but I can ship.
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Yea if I get a flat tire 100 miles from home, I'd rather have a spare. I don't want to 'limp' home...
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    Cab stretching…. Anyone?

    I have some cabs in NC
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    Glass is flat so that's easy enough to get made. I have a few sets of doors but unless someone walks up with a crap ton of money I am hanging on to them for future trucks. Expect doors to be virtually impossible to find.
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    MTVR cab fenders

    Jeez $500 each I'd have sold some for that much!
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Put mine to work a little bit last week. First haul on the trailer behind the mtvr, gotta say it felt fairly top heavy. I have a civilian pintle trailer to haul trucks on that is much more stable, but this 322 is such an awesome trailer I have to tell myself to hang on to it.
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Ouch that sounds expensive.
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    The middle seat is out of an uparmored MTVR, the driver/passenger seats are out of a M915a3 cab.
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    MTVR cab fenders

    Those definitely could have been designed better. Seems the pretty commonly crack right in the middle.
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    M1079 government cost estimate? 2008 model.

    The government literally SCRAPS---as in SHREDS brand new uparmored HMMWV's with less than 100 miles on them just so they can buy new ones. Trying to figure out why they get rid of a certain piece of perfectly good equipment isn't worth the effort. Just be glad you can buy the truck and that it...
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    CTIS valve block

    I have used ones available. Nothing new though. PM if interested in a used one. They are off of parts trucks so they are sold as-is.
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    TIM Module is not present or malfunctioned

    For anyone else that has issues, I won't say this is a foolproof diagnostic method, but if you have power available to the ECM, and fuel available at the pump and the truck still won't start it is very likely the ECM. If it fires on ether that is another sign the ECM is bad and not firing the...
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    Air Lockers Not Working

    Mine don't either. They are getting air as I checked, I think the valve in the diffs are stuck if I had to guess but I haven't taken them off yet.
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    Looking for a lead on a bed stake

    I have them. They fit in a large flat rate box so shipping is $20. Normally sell them for $80 each as singles. If you are referring to the little stainless steel bolts with the flange, I can send a couple----assuming I can get some off, they often don't come off in one piece. PM if interested.
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    1078A1 Drivetrain

    I recently got in an a1 I am parting out. Have started working on pulling the drivetrain but it isn't out yet. I did run it before pulling, couldn't drive the truck on the road but it did run excellent, and forward/reverse/4x4 worked.
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    1078A1 Drivetrain

    I have a complete 330hp 3126/Allison out of an a1 for sale. Runs excellent. Good luck on your case, I am guessing you re going to need luck on your side.
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    7 ton steering gear box

    Yea I have seen those boxes on ebay, they definitely don't look the same as they don't have the 90 degree input, plus, the slave doesn't have an input at all and those do. I wonder if those boxes on ebay are for the REAR steering on a MTVR tractor truck?
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