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    Looking for a gear wrench to use on LMTV lug nuts.

    Anyone have a spare gear wrench they are interested in partying with? I’ve seen them in the classified section before but at that time I didn’t have a LMTV. :)
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    Use what you got! "New" aux fuel tank. :)

    I have a fuel tank from a MEP003 that was parted out years ago. Figured it would make a good AUX tank for the other generators. Its super clean inside. Hacked a few pieces of scrap wood together as a base to hold it and there ya go. An extra 12 gallons of fuel at the ready! I'm going to cap...
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    Stupid Question about Highway Gears??

    Why are ring and pinion sets for these axles thousands of dollars each? Are there any tricks to getting a set of highway gears without breaking the bank?
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    Replacement Fuel Line

    A reasonably priced alternative to JIC fuel hoses is to make up your own with -6 hose and fittings. Ordered some braided fuel hose and some AN6 fittings. Everything went together easily and it works perfectly.
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    CAT 3116 Engine Speed Sensor

    First post here in this section. I searched around a bit to find the info on the engine speed sensor since the M1081 I recently purchased had a tach that didn't work. I didn't find a post with a concise breakdown of the problem so I decided to make one. I was thinking that the sensor was the...
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    MEP831 muffler crack

    I started up the 831 yesterday to charge batteries and noticed some soot coming out of the gap in the insulation wrap between the exhaust tube leaving the engine and the main muffler body. Pulled back the jacket as much as I could and noticed a crack radiating out from the welded fitting. I'll...
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    With freezing rain forecast for central NC, time for a generator test

    Tonight in central NC we have the potential for a bit of freezing rain. That can be a really bad time here if we get trees down on power lines this far out into the woods. Figured it was time to give the MEP803 a bit of a workout. Warmed it up and increased the load till we got it a bit over...
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    New to you machine? Check your connections!

    I know I've mentioned this before but it does bear mentioning again. When you bring a new machine home you really need to open it up and check EVERY connection in it. Every terminal, every switch, every plug. One loose wire can do more than cause a gremlin it can destroy the machine. The...
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    The MEP-831 goes to the track

    I've not been on the forum so much lately or online in general due to a lot of changes on this end. Non life threatening thankfully. Last weekend I took the time to go to the track for the weekend. We borrowed a friends camper and I decided to use the MEP-831 for power since its usually a...
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    LOOK! Jackpot! :)

    I received a huge care package from an anonymous donor. I have a LOT of good stuff to go through. The circuit drawings are readable!! They are much better than the scans we have access to now. I will post more once I've given them a look over.
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    Acutemp Field Report

    I just arrived home from a weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw SC for one of the race series I participate in. I took the two Acutemp units with me to server as food storage. Both units performed well. I had one set in FREEZE mode and one set of COOL. The one issue I had was with the...
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    New Project MEP803

    Picked up a MEP803 that didn't run. Starting to go through it. Looks like it has a blown head gasket. Hoping its not freeze damage. No signs of a cracked block on the outside. There are a few parts missing but nothing that would keep it from working. I'll see if we can get the old girl back in...
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    Who has a smart power meter on their home? Are you monitoring the data?

    A few months ago my power company installed a new power meter on my house. One of those "smart" meters. As far out in the woods as I am, I'm not far enough! They finally caught up to me. ;) I already had a pretty good handle on my power usage using amp and power meters. I was curious to see how...
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    MEP % load gauges

    With the recent weather events a number of the members here have been contributing information about how their machines have been keeping the lights on. That is awesome. It makes me smile to read about this equipment improving the lives of their owners. One thing everyone needs to be aware of...
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    MEP Drawing restoration

    I'm going to spend some time to restore the electrical diagram for the MEP-802/803 machines. This will take a few evenings to do. My goal is to have a multi-layer PDF that 1. you can actually read, 2. allows for different layers to be turned on and off with each layer representing a different...
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    Push to test indicators

    Does anyone have a source of the push to test LED indicators found on the newer generators? I need both a green and an amber one to replace some missing ones.
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    MEP Heat Recovery System

    Has anyone done any experiments on heat recovery systems with a MEP? I'm considering putting together a HEX setup that would fit on a 80x series and a heat pipe arrangement that could be used on a 80x or 00x series. This could be useful for domestic water heating and/or space heating.
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    Something to check on your MEP803

    As part of checking the damage on the MEP803 I picked up today I noticed something that should be resolved in the generator electrical section. The way the wires are routed from the reconnect switch to the terminals below they cross over some sharp metal edges with no protection. I can see on...
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    I got to see a 10kw AMMPS generator!

    I was in the right place at the right time and got to check out a 10kW AMMPS generator. I was struck by how much smaller it is. I wish we could have fired it up bit we were indoors. I can't lie, it made me a little bit giddy. :clinto:
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    Engine Rebuild kits for MEP802a

    Is there a vendor of choice for buying engine overhaul kits for the MEP802?
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