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    use backhoe as a crane?

    thoughts on lifting a 5,000 lb mill with the backhoe to get it off a trailer? tips and tricks?
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    bolt size

    what size are the bolts to remove the front end loader? I measured 1 7/8" on my tape measure, does that sound right or would those be metric (46 or 47mm)? also are all the hydraulic cylinder piston nuts the same size? if so, what size? i don't have any tools big enough, i tried a giant...
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    leaky cylinders

    i have 2 known cylinder leaks. 1 is one of the main backhoe cylinders, i forget which one right now. the other is one of the side to side cylinders for the hoe. the leaks are bad enough to not want to engage the PTO for very long. how would you guys recommend rebuilding these? Should i...
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    few questions for a newby

    can someone walk me through how i should drive an flu419? i looked at one today but the seller is the wife of the guy who used to use it. She knows nothing about it or how to use it and her husband isn't available to help. i got it started, cycled the loader, checked out the backhoe, got it...
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    pre-purchase inspection

    going to look at an FLU-419 this weekend. I have no experience with these machines, what would be your inspection checklist prior to purchase? I know a lot of you guys bought at auction so didn't have this option, but I'm buying from a private party so I still have the chance to walk away if...
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    looking at a FLU419 in Arkansas

    is there anyone around 100 miles west of Little Rock who could take a look at a FLU419 I'm interested in buying? I'm a plane ticket away so if someone is local that would help me out.
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    are there any flu419's left?

    does anyone have an idea how many flu419's the military has left to auction? have we reached the point that the only way to get one is through private sale?
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    FLU419 from Georgia to Nebrask

    just bought in an auction. need to ship from Hahira, Georgia 31632 to Chadon, Nebraska 69337 should be 1650 miles this is ready to go as soon as I can line up shipping.
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