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  1. Dave Kay

    Arizona rallies, anybody?

    Hope I'm not posting in wrong thread-category, please correct me if I am but, am wondering if any folks in AZ do get-togethers, rallies, whatever, just haven't found any yet. We're recent transplants to Northern AZ, and seeking Steel Soldiers alliances within the state. Regards!
  2. Dave Kay

    Shots fired at campers/hikers in apple valley

    Saw this online and it looks kind of weird especially since we only had that San Bernardino terrorist shooting last December. What is even weirder is that this place these guys were apprehended is a popular shooting/camping area.
  3. Dave Kay

    Finding the next HMMVV contractor up for bid

    Hi all, just a quick post here of something interesting I saw today:|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=101048255|The%20new%20%27Humvee%27:%20Firms%20v Could this possibly mean that in the future we'll see govt surplus Humvees out for...
  4. Dave Kay

    Poll: How do YOU say CUCV?

    This idea came to me when in conversation about our trucks someone, including myself, will use different ways to say the same phrase; CUCV and we either say what? Or huh? Or OH~! Which do you use; 1. see-you-see-vee 2. kook-vee 3. M1008, M1009, M1010, etc., 4. My Precious
  5. Dave Kay

    CUCV bed/box from Great Falls MT to Southern California - YOUR open date in April

    Complete, whole & assembled, CUCV pickup truck bed plus bench-seat accessories, needs transport from seller's yard in Great Falls, MT to Victorville, CA, - name YOUR cost/price and OPEN date in April, seller will load w/forklift, may be on pallet or not. Require careful handling with...
  6. Dave Kay

    Pinzguaers in Big Bear!

    Hey now! Great weekend--- took a little ride through Hundyland (Lucerne) Saturday on our way up HWY 18 for a quick trip to Big Bear. Went early to scout some wood-cutting areas but the main attraction was a concert at the Big Bear Discovery Center--- Jim Curry- John Denver Tribute--- awesome...
  7. Dave Kay

    Source: NEW side-board pins for M101A2?

    What I need are a set of 8, NEW side-board pins. Not old rusty-used ones like in the picture... (please don't ask why) Here are the specs: From Army M101A2 Trailer TM for part labeled "straight headed pin" See pg. 269 (Also noted as page 20-1) quantity 8 straight headed pin P.N. 7339438...
  8. Dave Kay

    Has anyone here used this tool?

    Ball Joint Press - Great Deals on Ball Joint Presses at Harbor Freight Saw this online and wondered if any shop guys here have used this--- OR--- maybe there's a better alternative. Like maybe a 12-ton press? What I need this for mainly, is u-joints but if this will do ball joint/king pins and...
  9. Dave Kay

    Why doesn't my classified add showup in search?NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder I haven't seen any interest---- I have posted my for sale classified add and searched M101 but it's not listed. So I search M101A2 and it's STILL NOT LISTED--- what gives? What happened? After adding pics and text and getting everything just right--- am I just wasting my time--- this...
  10. Dave Kay

    TWO M101A2's at Nellis AFB transport to SoCal early Jan.

    TWO M101A2's at Nellis AFB transport to SoCal Ok, here's the deal: I'm reviving this post because my retreival program is WAY behind schedule! Got TWO M101A2 trailers at Nellis that need tranport to Victorville CA Feb/Mar 2011 or ASAP. These trailers are BOTH road-ready but my tow vehicle is...
  11. Dave Kay

    glow plug resistor frying my puny brain w/non-sense

    I am a heavy equipment operator by trade but make no claims to be a HDR. My vehicle is M1008. Lately, I've been through about a dozen threads regarding this mod (and there's at least a dozen more) but for the life of me I can hardly make sense out of exactly HOW this is supposed to be...
  12. Dave Kay

    M1008 6.2L vs HUMVEE 6.2L... OIL DIP STICK ASSEMBLY interchangable?

    Searched, and this OBSCURE problem has not been previously posted. Simple question; Since I can't put both of them in front of me to compare, can anyone tell me if the Engine Oil DIPSTICK/TUBE ASSEMBLY on the later 6.2L HUMVEE oil pan---- IS DIFFERENT--- than the ones on the early 6.2L M1008 oil...
  13. Dave Kay

    Pressure wash M1008 engine compartment

    Ok guys, just picked up my M1008 from Barstow and want to get to work on things. So I've spent a couple of days searching this site for anything on decreasing and pressure washing engine compartments and I got zilch. This HAS to be done before I can do any work under the hood because there is so...
  14. Dave Kay

    M1008 loadout in Barstow - need IGN key!

    Not really load out help, I've already set up for a towing company to make the pick BUT--- I'm hoping to score an IGN key for this thing from SoCAl locals. Anybody got a key I can copy? NEED IT BY WEDNESDAY SEPT 22. Can come to your area, copy key and return; CALL ME ANYTIME 714-788-3998 P.S...
  15. Dave Kay

    Scored used Gear Vendors O/D unit

    OK, I've searched the threads for Gear Vendors info and came up with a few smatterings but none specifically regarding GV units to fit our app, that being CUCV's. My particular application is an M1008. Since I didn't want to sacrifice 4:56 gearing but sure as heck wanted better road RPM's, I...
  16. Dave Kay

    Field kitchens

    Curious if anyone got a look at those field kitchens in Barstow last month? (all gone)
  17. Dave Kay

    Another So-Cal newb-a-loid

    Hey y'all, been kickin' around this site since I dunno' when, but the 'bug' finally got me and won bid on an M1008 in Barstow... still waiting on EUC. Anyway, this site is a literal treasure trove of info that I've used over the years, and I wonder why I waited so long to join. Anyway, looking...
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