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  1. Dave Kay

    CARC health hazards

  2. Dave Kay

    CARC health hazards

    Moderator FYI: dead link -
  3. Dave Kay

    Arizona members!

    Cochise county? Oh no, you're heading for the "hot" part of AZ~! LOL! Actually, Kingman gets plenty hot too. I'm currnetly looking at some land around Seligman, near the mountains, highlands, whatever, so I can clear some of it and build myself a family camping site w/shooting range that will...
  4. Dave Kay

    Harmonic Balancer

    While i agree, I say no shame; just business. As I mentioned earlier, AC Delco parts made in China are manufactured with higher quality control standards and hence, they are demonstrably better quality then most run-of-the-mill Chinese parts, as per my own personal experience. BMW uses Chinese...
  5. Dave Kay

    Harmonic Balancer

    Buy new! Harmonic balancer is NOT something you want to buy used and take a chance it is as bad or worse than your original balancer. Unless you are going to get rid of your vehicle and just need to keep it running until sold--- buy new! On my M1008, I replaced my balancer with only 68,000...
  6. Dave Kay

    M1009 6.2 diesel removal guide

    Wow! Wow! And WOW! Awesome write up! Have done a few V8 engine pulls/swaps on gassers before, but was pretty much flying blind the whole time. This article should be published on one of the DieselPage forums too. The attention to small detail is priceless! Thanks a million
  7. Dave Kay

    It's been a long time

    That's a tough order to fill. If it were me I'd search the usual military vehicle sites/yards/suppliers, whatever. Can't be of more help right now but give me a little time to look in my Favorites. You might also consider joining this site ($15 annual) so you can use the classifieds and vendors...
  8. Dave Kay

    Arizona members!

    Howdy Seligman! Kingman here! Recently relocated and hoping to touch base with any SS locals. Hit me back when you can, I'm subscribed. Ciao~!
  9. Dave Kay

    Arizona rallies, anybody?

    Yeeee-HAW! Thanks M35! Looking forward!
  10. Dave Kay

    Arizona rallies, anybody?

    Hope I'm not posting in wrong thread-category, please correct me if I am but, am wondering if any folks in AZ do get-togethers, rallies, whatever, just haven't found any yet. We're recent transplants to Northern AZ, and seeking Steel Soldiers alliances within the state. Regards!
  11. Dave Kay

    replacing cucv flex plate, any easy ways??

    Amen to that! Flexplate R&R was My Hell for 2 solid days and I took more day to be sure I PROPERLY TORQUED anything and everything I unbolted--- especially your starter INCLUDING ITS SUPPORT piece on the engine block. FYI: bad starters and/or weak batteries and/or both--- are the usual culprits...
  12. Dave Kay

    Still alive & kickin' and if the Good Lord is Willing, we're moving to Arizona this year for our...

    Still alive & kickin' and if the Good Lord is Willing, we're moving to Arizona this year for our REAL retirement.
  13. Dave Kay

    Show Me Your Campers!

    Wow~!!! Just WOW~!!! Luv it~!
  14. Dave Kay

    Gear Vendors Overdrive it is

    Mostly, I can't speak to going GV unit in the M1009 because it seems few guys have done it. The reason I suspect is because 1009's have a pretty good road-worthy final output, meaning, a rear axle geared for 3:73 (correct me if I'm wrong) which gives decent freeway speeds & mileage. Wanting...
  15. Dave Kay

    AcDelco Replacement Lock Cylinders, General Anti-Theft Tips

    Okay, vehicle stolen + vehicle location solved = Vehicle recovered < happy endings to power of ten = theft problem solved, no?
  16. Dave Kay

    LED Head light upgrade. ....

    Thanks to all on the TAILLIGHT issues. So looks like cleaning up contacts, new bezels AND LED bulbs makes for brighter but question is--- does it make a significant difference in brightness. Sorry to belabor that point but from what I've seen of my own taillights at nite it's scary dull, which...
  17. Dave Kay

    Black exterior door handles source

    YOW-SA~! They also sell new black IGN cylinder locks AND--- keyed black door lock cylinders~! What I've been looking for--- thanks WARREN~!!!
  18. Dave Kay

    AcDelco Replacement Lock Cylinders, General Anti-Theft Tips

    Get Lojack for Classics, worth every penny they say and theft problem solved
  19. Dave Kay

    LED Head light upgrade. ....

    How about tail lights; anybody found a decent replacement for the stock (read that---way dull) units on CUCV's? Mine are so weak I wondered if it was electrical drain somewhere but I get a solid 12+ with meter. Is it possible there's a relay in that circuit?
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