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  1. ABN173

    M1008 Cargo Cover install

    Not 100% finished but close, I still need some adjustments but its pretty close. I ordered the cover from Saturn Surplus, used scrap angle iron, 3/16" eye bolts (substitute for the old twist toggle), and electrical conduit for the bows. -Dale
  2. ABN173

    Need something moved? I'm moving from WA to GA then in a few months on up to NC

    Need something moved? I'm moving from WA to GA then in a few months on up to NC. I may have room if somebody need something moved along the way. I start this move on 13 DEC, planned route is to go South through California then cut East once I'm past most of the mountains. I'm using the M35A2...
  3. ABN173

    We lost out today guys!

    I stumbled upon this Craigslist ad today: MAKE ME AN OFFER Located outside at N. State St. Bellingham, WA 1984 Chevy Blazer 6.2L Detroit Diesel less than 90,000miles on it, but head gasket is blown/ hydrolocked new front brakes new starter new batteries new cables new shocks Needs to be gone...
  4. ABN173

    Graveyard CUCV's brought back

    I am still deployed to Afghanistan (almost done though). Anyway last night something caught my eye so I went back today and talked to a worker in the area and asked if I could take a few pics. The story is one of the guys that is no longer here went and pulled these(2) from the "graveyard"...
  5. ABN173

    Thank you AN/ARC186, srodocker, & FT Powell

    I am still deployed and just purchased my first Deuce from GSA. AN/ARC186 (Dan) and srodocker (Scott) used a vacation day to take time off work(Dan) or went without sleep(Scott) in order to travel 60 miles North of Tacoma to recover my truck for me. So that's 120 miles round trip! Dan would not...
  6. ABN173

    Non- GL site but GL listing?

    Ok I am not mentioning a current auction per say but I had never seen this before and thought I'd ask. I was browsing govdeals and found something odd, a bunch of listings from GL. These are not just links to GL listed items but appear to separate listings. I thought the payments were also...
  7. ABN173

    PNW vs. GA Rally entertainment Challenge!

    OK GA you still have time to line up your Rally entertainment this year! Here was what AaronW had lined up for the PNW event. -Dale
  8. ABN173

    Thread Links/E-mail notices

    Anyone else notice that the e-mailed notice thread links don't work? I tried several and they show up as blank/page not found.
  9. ABN173

    Help ID this GENSET

    OK Guys help me out. I have limited information and NO pictures yet. My father bought this 1968 GENSET at a garage sale. here is the limited info I have so far: Year: 1968 16 cubic inch 2 cycle, 4 cylinder overhead valve NSN (not positive) FSN 28050724871 Model 28016 III He says it has...
  10. ABN173

    srodocker's "little" project

    Ok WoW I’m starting this thread for Scott (aka SRODOCKER) since I took the pictures. If I could sum up today’s project in one phrase it would be the one about biting off more than you could chew! ……..well it was not so bad but PVT Murphy was there for a bit in the beginning. We had a Craftsman...
  11. ABN173

    FT Lewis M1031!

    I really wanted the M1031 contact truck at FT Lewis,WA. I was even willing to sell my motorcycle and even my M1008 in order to get it. I attempted to get a loan (so I could just auto-bid) and found out that my brother (who I made the mistake of cosigning for) decided to not make any payments...
  12. ABN173

    M1031 Contact Truck info

    Ok I don't wanna break any rules or remotely be involved in collusion but I would like some information from any of you M1031 Contact Truck owners out there. I guess I should mention my reason for asking is that I am thinking of buying one. So here goes in order to make an educated decision...
  13. ABN173

    M1008 troop seat project

    Hey guys, I just thought I'd post a small troop seat project that took up most of my weekend. I just added these not even a week ago but they needed painting really bad so This weekend I sanded by hand the slats until I realized I had a hand planer still new in the box.....anyway this...
  14. ABN173

    Ignition switch locking up

    Ok I searched for this one and found threads about electrical problems, my issue seems to be mechanical. Today when I went to drive home from work I tried for like 20 minutes before the switch would actually turn/rotate. I tried the normal stuff, such as jiggling the steering wheel adjusting...
  15. ABN173

    What's the big deal about making a recovery?

    What's the big deal about making a recovery? (jk) I just went cranked my new M1008 and drove it home............. ALL 2.6 Miles of it that is! I don't know if that sets a new record or anything but here it is. I spent all of today cleaning her up, I pulled the seat because at some point a...
  16. ABN173

    Large square reflective markers/ panels?

    Ok I can't remember where I read about these, but what were these for? I have seen them in Red/yellow/orange. (not having luck with the search feature) Thanks, Dale
  17. ABN173

    Won my first GL auction M1008 (FT Lewis)

    OK I just won my first M1008, this is a replacement for my M1009 I had to leave in Columbus/FT Benning due to my PCS to FT Lewis, WA. I won for $1900. Of course you gotta love the guys who jump in at the last hour and run the price up. hmmm I wonder if it was a real person or just GL running...
  18. ABN173

    shot in the dark but here goes...GA>WA

    I know this is a long shot, I have a shipping quote of $1200 already but I figured it was worth a posting. I had planned on driving my CUCV from FT Benning, GA to FT Lewis, WA at the end of this month but due to a accident (see I may be...
  19. ABN173


    Well as I was sleeping I was awoke by my doorbell with a neighbor telling me that somebody hit my truck. I was parked along the curb in front of my house. It turns out that a car came down the hill, could not stop and slid into my truck, it pushed the CUCV enough for it to get pushed into my...
  20. ABN173

    M101a2 3/4 ton recent GL auction Montgomery,AL

    Anyone here know who won the GL lot(3) of 3/4 ton trailers in Montgomery,AL? I am located at FT Benning and wish to purchase one. I was a bidder on this auction until it was pulled last month, when it was relisted I was TDY without internet access....sigh oh well Thanks, CW2 Dale Campbell
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