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  1. SterlingDevelop

    Anyone near Denver going to Ft. Carson?

    I need some fairly small items picked up at Ft. Carson next week and then dropped off in Aurora. If anyone in the Denver area is going there on a loadout to get their own stuff and can help me out, I would appreciate it. Send a PM if you can help or have suggestions. Thanks fellas! Brent
  2. SterlingDevelop

    U.S. Thermal Inc. Field Shower Unit

    Hi, I posted this in the wanted section of the classifieds, too, but it might get a wider audience here. I had one of these, loaned it out and will never see it again. aua I saw them occasionally on GL or Epay when I still had mine, haven't seen one recently. Any one have one or a line on one...
  3. SterlingDevelop

    Belong to anyone??

    Saw this today on PA Turnpike, close to Philly.
  4. SterlingDevelop

    Brake operation

    Can someone tell me the theory of operation of the brakes on the M105? I do not know how they are supposed to work. I connected the glad hand to an air source, jacked the wheels off the ground and rotated the wheels. It seems not to matter what I do, the brakes do not work. The hand brake works...
  5. SterlingDevelop

    Communism revisited

    I spent much time today at local Communist Party Headquarters (the auto tag place) trying to register my truck. After several trips and false starts, there is actually paperwork on the way to Harrisburg. It seems that the trouble started with the previous owners' attempts to get around the GVW...
  6. SterlingDevelop


    My apologies to Mog owners. Maybe I have Mog Envy. No one have a clue what this thing is anyway.................
  7. SterlingDevelop

    IFA W50 with M105 in tow

    I posted some pics under the trailers forum, but I'll put one here too. The truck was missing the ignition switch when I got it. (previous owner lost the key), so the first project is to fix that. The "apply red wire to terminal" starting procedure is substandard. My father is an EE, so we...
  8. SterlingDevelop

    Bought M105--load out questions

    I bought a 105 out of Mechanicsburg, PA on Gl. What size pintle do I need to hook this up?? Does anyone have experience picking these up? I do not have a deuce, so I won't have lights or brakes for the two hr ride home. What are the chances law enforcement is going to hassle me?? Thanks, Brent
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