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  1. Gunfreak25

    Spectra 31 gallon tank install with part #'s

    Decided to toss my old stock tank, full of rust and algae particles or something. I ordered all parts from Rockauto (not a sponsor or anything). I thought 31 gallons would be a nice upgrade. Tank part number GM14B 31 gallon $87 31 gallon sending unit FG12J $58 Longer 31 gallon straps ST11...
  2. Gunfreak25

    York 210 on board air mount, pics

    Well....1 pic anyway. Gonna mount this York 210 to the CUCV. I plan to put AC in this truck eventually. Which will tie up passenger side. So drivers side looks like the best place to do a York mount. This will be for running an impact wrench or airing up tires offroad. Nothing crazy. I have...
  3. Gunfreak25

    M1009 dust proofing

    How many here have completely re sealed their M1009's with new weatherstripping and seals? The 09 absolutely choked everyone on the last trail ride with fine dust. I resealed the tailgate and have a new LMC carpet kit front and rear. The dust still seems to pour in the front windows. So if...
  4. Gunfreak25

    Anyone buy a 5 ton in Yuma?

    Theres been a nice M813 for sale for years in front of a local salvage yard in Yuma Az. Driving home from work a couple days ago I noticed its finally gone. So who dunn it? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. Gunfreak25

    M1009 rear tailgate glass, they supposed to go all the way down?

    I have no other trucks to compare to. My M1009 rear glass sticks up about 2 or 3 inches when fully down. That doesn't seem right, as it's too easily susceptible to damage when loading, sitting on the tailgate, etc. So something aint right with mine. I deem the regulator non original to the...
  6. Gunfreak25

    Cool tool for installing tight belts

    The driver side alternator belt is often a bear to get on (if it's the proper size anyway). I found this tool. Looks like it would make the job a breeze. Thought i'd pass this on to fellow CUCV owners. I'm not affiliated with Amazon or Lisle...
  7. Gunfreak25

    Shocked by CUCV battery hold down bracket

    I was just replacing some fuel return lines on the 6.2, passenger side. Wet salty shirt and skin, leaned over enough to get a nice little buzz on my arm and chest when I came in contact with the battery hold down bolts. Not the posts themselves. Curious as to how I could be feeling voltage from...
  8. Gunfreak25

    Resealed my injection pump, stalling issue.

    I'll try to keep this short. Posted on 2 other boards, with no replies. Does anyone know if the throttle shaft can be installed on the min-max gov linkage incorrectly? I know the top cover of the Db2 pump itself can be installed on the wrong side of the gov linkage (causing a run away) but this...
  9. Gunfreak25

    Is this a GEP Navistar block?

    The block in my M1009 has the dots in the intake valley like a lot of the GEP produced motors. But it lacks the Navistar diamond in the intake valley. I'm thinking it's a transition block made by GM just before they handed the reigns over to Navisar. Are there any 6.2 nerds here who can...
  10. Gunfreak25

    DIY air bleed screw for filter changes

    Can a guy TEE in a petcock on the output side of the firewall filter where it goes to the injection pump? Sort of a cheap DIY air bleed valve to work in conjunction with the spin on filter and electric lift pump upgrade most of us do. Should work in theory correct? Being that is is the highest...
  11. Gunfreak25

    M1009 front driveshaft dust boot part #

    Searched, cannot find the part number for the front driveshaft boot used on M1009's. I know it's available.
  12. Gunfreak25

    CUCV hot wire and steering lock

    CUCV returns to me after 3 years. In a bit of a pickle here, wow it's been years since i've old M1009 is coming back to me. Driving an hour to pick it up tomorrow and trailer her home. She's in a tow yard, no key's. Unknown running condition (hence the trailer)...
  13. Gunfreak25

    Traded M1009 for this Deuce

    I finally got my first Multifuel. Always wanted one. Even came with 395's and cargo cover. It runs great, no issues. But I'm parking it until I have time to be more thorough on brakes and fluids. It does have some oil leaks. Most appears to be from the cannisters. It looks like the steering...
  14. Gunfreak25

    Cleaned fuse box on M1009, shorted out glow plug system.

    I am an idiot. While I had the fuse block apart on the firewall I forgot to disconnect the batteries. I took a wire brush to the connections to go and clean then and poof got a few light sparks. Anyway, since I did that my GP relay no longer cycles on and the wait light doesn't come on. I've...
  15. Gunfreak25

    Stereo in the M1009, I hear my engine in my speakers!

    So I finally slapped the stereo system in the M1009. The power is coming from the diamond shaped 12V supply on the firewall. I also have a cigarette lighter socket under my dash that feeds from the same 12v supply, I use it for small 12v stuff and charging my phone for trips. The stereo...
  16. Gunfreak25

    Fugly M1009 gets a new home

    I found this locally for $1300. This morning we met, nice man. I spent an hour with him and the SS app on my phone getting the battery wires cleaned up and repaired which were a corroded frayed mess. Once that was squared away it fired right up and purred. It's been painted rustoleum hunter...
  17. Gunfreak25

    Homemade, cheap and effective undercoating!!

    The test was 2 pieces of sheet metal. We all know what sheet metal sounds like when you hit it. After applying 4 coats the undercoating the sheet metal went from sounding sounding like a dead, flat, vibration less piece of cardboard. Total night and day difference...
  18. Gunfreak25

    Cab roof marker lights on sale!

    $13 shipped! Just ordered a pair for the M211. :beer: Summit Racing Clearance NV5064AK - Pilot Automotive Cab Marker Light Kits - Overview -
  19. Gunfreak25

    Found 24 volt Mitsubishi alternators

    I found these Mitsubishi 24v alternator on Ebay several weeks ago. Finally got around to ordering one up. Ebay links are not allowed on the forum, but if you ebay search "Mitsubishi 24 volt alternator" they will show up. The seller is a company called Laborde Products in Louisiana. I spoke with...
  20. Gunfreak25

    Fan clutch measurement needed

    What's the distance from the water pump mounting surface to the face of the fan clutch on your guy's CUCV's?
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