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    Fuel pump replacement time, got a hose question

    Noticed a small wet spot in the parking lot & my formed fuel hose is looking swollen & damp, so time to start the process. Ordered in the Delphi 906 pump & adapter plate gasket a few moments ago. Is the pre-formed 3/8 fuel hose available or do i HAVE to loop some straight hose around? If i...
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    Replacement jack suggestions for M1009

    None of my Blazers had the stock jacks in them & 80s Chevy's aren't exactly common in the local junkyards nowadays. Does anyone have suggestion for good replacement jack setups? Something self-contained w/ case, etc to keep random bits from rolling around & making noise would be a nice bonus...
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    Running board/step questions

    Hullo Since my wife is rather short she'd like me to install some sort of assist to help her get into the M1009. So far most the stuff i've checked out have mounted to the vehicle rockers & at most have had extra bracing going to the frame. Are there any running boards, nerf bars, or steps...
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    M1009 front/rear carrier swap question

    Hi guys. Been working on my M1009 all weekend swapping out the front axle since it had multiple balljoint/wheel bearing issues & then figured out some of my noise/twitching issues were Gov-bomb related instead. Crazy question time then. Short on cash & time so can I use front carrier to make...
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    VDP overhead shelf in CUCV

    Just picked up a Shelf-it from LMC today & thought I'd post my findings for those who are considering it for more storage space. 1. I had issues with the shelf attaching to the mounting brackets. Ended up having to bend the brackets sideways just to get the screws thru the shelf to line up to...
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    Leaking fuel filter assembly

    Evening folks. So my Filter base appears to be leaking...but it doesn't appear to be the typical middle sensor. My leak appears to be the lowest sensor that bolts to the back of the base & runs through it into a port at the bottom of the filter. Filter is only a couple months old & rubber...
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    AC 60Gs, do I NEED 12v bypass

    I'm in the process of buying a M1009 from a friend & doing some running repairs. Half the stock Wellman GPs were bad so we replaced them with AC 60gs since the local parts places had them in-stock. This weekend I'm adding a push button for warm-ish starts since the truck isn't good about...
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