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    New to the forum

    Stock trans is the TH400, obviously someone must have put the OD trans in there to offset the low geared axle swap.
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    Fuel pump replacement time, got a hose question

    Thanks for that. I'd say great minds think alike, but you might not want to be associated with what's in my head. :p Couldn't find the Corvette S hose easily in-stock, many places had a lead time on shipping. Ordered one of those universal molded a few days ago, hopefully it'll do the job...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Got in a HW glowplug card tonight, so slapped it in. No more humming/buzzing underdash, but i do kinda wish i had set it to solid wait light vs flashing. Not sure i care enough to weasel under the dash again for it though. Also got in an Ebay suburban jack setup, so i have a passably stock...
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    Fuel pump replacement time, got a hose question

    Noticed a small wet spot in the parking lot & my formed fuel hose is looking swollen & damp, so time to start the process. Ordered in the Delphi 906 pump & adapter plate gasket a few moments ago. Is the pre-formed 3/8 fuel hose available or do i HAVE to loop some straight hose around? If i...
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    Crank, No start after new injectors... and other maladies.

    It's an 80 chevy but even saying THAT, no a burning smell when you try to start it is not normal. Unless you're talking from the exhaust? Perhaps you best specify where the smoke & burning is coming from. :p
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    Replacement jack suggestions for M1009

    Hmm thanks for that suggestion. Since the stock jack mounts under the pass seat IIRC, i'd never even thought about using some underhood space. I ordered a newer sub/tahoe jack setup off ebay, will look into where i can find a place for it there.
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    Replacement jack suggestions for M1009

    None of my Blazers had the stock jacks in them & 80s Chevy's aren't exactly common in the local junkyards nowadays. Does anyone have suggestion for good replacement jack setups? Something self-contained w/ case, etc to keep random bits from rolling around & making noise would be a nice bonus...
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    M1009 Turns over wont start/ Not getting fuel out of thumb nut at fuel filter..

    since you know you don't have fuel @ the filter trace the fuel lines back from there. Look for cracking or wet spots that could indicate leak or air getting into the system. Stock it doesn't have a pump in the tank, the mechanical fuel pump is on the front passenger side of the engine. Do you...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Installed a GM GF647 fuel filter system along with new Gates barricade hoses to & from the housing. Took a bit to get it mounted since the bolt holes on the housing were a little ways off from the stock bracket mounting holes. Found the PO had run 5/16 hose all the way to injector pump &...
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    M1009 suddenly only crawls, eventually tops out at 35 MPH.

    I 2nd that. Since the shop suggested fuel filter, did you immediately change it? Also did you very recently fill up the tank before this occurred? Could you have gotten a batch of contaminated fuel that's mixed with what you already had in-tank & plugged up the works? Person could try a gas...
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    Looking for wiring diag for Pos Term, Neg Term, Suppressor

    Your 3 big wires on the top 24V should be that black one i suspect is the battery cable, the other 2 should be 1 running forward to the slave port in the grill & then 1 running underneath & back to the radio bus inside the cabin by the back seat. Any other pics of the batteries, terminals...
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    Looking for wiring diag for Pos Term, Neg Term, Suppressor

    Are you SURE about that? From the pic i suspect that wire on #5 post is the primary cable from the back battery & if so i really don't believe it should be hooked to the ground bar. BG: It's not much of an overall pic, but if you paid a shop too much money for that cabling as part of the...
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    Axle u bolts need specs

    To make sure someone doesn't accidentally guide you wrong, you really need to tell us clearly which cucv you have & which axles you're intending to swap to.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Man that took a bit of doing. Turns out the local Sutherlands & parts stores don't stock 9/16 & the local fastenal was all out of the length i needed. finally got grade 8 bolts, nuts, flat & lock washers @ the local farm center. Rear shocks are finally completed. Went to look at the front to...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    30R9 fuel line seems to come up as various brands 3/8 fuel line for fuel injection vehicles on Amazon. I picked up a set of rear shocks & started swapping them over only to find a PO possibly mixed standard & metric on the lower bolts/nuts? The bolts have a bad spot & even on a section of good...
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    Oil seeping into dash

    Hydroboost brake system leak @ the pushrod? Should be easy to peek under dash & push on the brake pedal & watch for leakage. (wear safety glasses pls)
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    Glow plug advice.

    The Glowplugs themselves are 12v. In a stock system GM configured a resistor on the back of the engine bay which took the 24v & stepped it down to 12 to go to the plugs. With that design any plug failure would cause the remaining plugs to receive more voltage & cause them to fail prematurely...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Took me a bit to get motivated but i finally replaced the wiper arms & blades to convert to newer Ford Bronco arms & 17" blades. The lisle puller worked excellent @ getting the old stuck arms off. Gave it careful wire brushing & a bit of anti-seize & the new arms slid on easily. While doing...
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    85 K5 Blazer / 6.2 DIESEL / m1009

    Check around for a local-ish driveshaft shop? They can lengthen your supplied driveshaft & check it's balance too
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    Odd M1028 bed

    Oh yes, sorry forgot about this one for a bit. Sadly while i still have a NOS drain tube in my parts bin from when i was thinking about converting my old m1009, it sadly doesn't have any part #s on it to help with search.
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