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  1. srodocker

    2019 Arlington Airshow Aug 16-18

    Hey!!! Been awhile since ive posted on here. When: Arlington Airshow is Aug 16-18 this year. Can setup a Week early and stay all week if you want to! Where: Arlington Airport off i-5 exit 206 What: Any military vehicle gets in free! Can setup a military campsite and stay at your vehicle...
  2. srodocker

    2016 PNW East Campout Convoy

    Ladies and Gentlemen the 1st annual East convoy is now here. When: May 21-22nd. There is a truck event the follow weekend of the 28-29th? Where: Joesph, Oregon. Dodgedougak Property. Who: Whoever wants to go! Why: To have a good time! What: People who love green iron! Doug are you able to do...
  3. srodocker

    2015 PNW Mini Rally

    So, 1st annual beach run!!! When: Last sunday in March. Sunday the 29th. Where: Meet at Cabelas in Hawks Prarie or TBD 1600 Gateway Boulevard Northeast, Lacey, WA 98516 Destination: Bennets Fish Shack in Ocean shores. 105 W Chance A La Mer NE Ocean...
  4. srodocker

    2012 P.N.W. Mini Rally #7

    Soooo another mini rally! short notice. TIME: February 11th 2012. @1000am WHERE: Brads Place in Mckenna/Roy WA. its near the Roy Y and Mckenna Baydo Chevrolet. Need more directions just ask or hop on the convoy at the hawks prairie walmart at 0915. To get to this walmart you take exit...
  5. srodocker

    Stuck deuce and a couple hrs of work.

    Well I started off my day with a text message with a picture of zackridesred deuce stuck in the mud. from what i can tell it was bad. i asked "you need help?" "yea haha" so i got ready for the day and headed over. after hearing how they failed using another deuce with ndts maybe 2 deuces...
  6. srodocker

    Heading to sand lake oregon

    Hello all! Heading to sand lake dunes in oregon this friday I will get there around 10-11am and be there until sunday. will have my deuce and m105 camper. along with a cpl quads. so if anyone wants to stop by and say hi please do! Josh will be there with his deuce friday night and i may...
  7. srodocker

    m105 camper build

    Sooo....the trailer... Its a 1968 m103 chassis with a m105 bed and a field modification of a shelter in the back. Had 1 shelf mounted on the wall when I got it. I got it a year before my truck as i threw a minimum bid and won it ha! the shelter is 9ft long by little over 6' wide. Not to...
  8. srodocker

    2011 Wa State Mini Rally #5

    Sooo...Mini rally at brads Date: Sept 24th which is a saturday. Time: 10am. Where: Brads place in Roy Address: 8416 State Route 702 P.O. Box 332 McKenna, WA 98558 (I know this a P.O. Box but his place is across the street from it. his driveway has...
  9. srodocker

    A type of Skid Plate?

    I've tried searching skid plate and underbody protection. I was wondering if anyone has done some sort of skid plate mod to protect the front fuel line or even the fuel tank? took it offroading this pass weekend didnt really damage anything besides the flasher wire that got pinched between...
  10. srodocker

    2011 PNW Mini Rally #4

    Ok ladies and gentlemen. time to plan for a rally at dans! Dan is having troubles with his current engine so tomorrow he is buying a engine from brad and we think it would be sweet to invite all the tech heads and everyone else who just wants to eat and watch the people put in a engine. So...
  11. srodocker

    deuce headlight

    Quick question. i think its my light switch but i want to hear your guys opinions. deuce on low beam passenger side light is dim. and the driver side is somewhat dim. but when brights are on passenger side is brighter then the driver side. i checked grounds and connections on both sides and...
  12. srodocker

    2010 PNW "Mini" Rally Part 3

    So this is more of a idea thread for when and where we should have a mini rally part 3. maybe do a charity type event? or someone know of a car show we can do? any ideas anyone?
  13. srodocker

    Steilacoom, Washington July 4th Parade

    Anyone interested in doing this with me? forms have to be filled out by the end of june. and you meet in steilacoom around 1130-12 and it starts at 1pm. I will be in it and it should be fun as this is the little town i went to school in. heres some links to the flyers...
  14. srodocker

    a couple days of work

    So saturday finally able to complete the wiring to my new lights wooohoo thanks dan! also me and my dad put the cargo cover on as hes moving so were using the deuce for the light stuff since it sits so high. the light bulbs in all the new lights are all teh same yet the back ones are the...
  15. srodocker

    Redid the seats in and out.

    First off i must thank dan for helping me with my interior seats! and every other project i've pretty much have done. redid the seats with black marine grade vinyl which has turned out really nice. also added the box seat so i can make a center console :) then my dad has been working on the...
  16. srodocker

    putting my woman to work...

    Welp gf's dad took down there deck since it was all rotten and falling apart. I told him when i got the truck shes ready to work at any time you need her. well we set it up for a dump run yesterday. 2100lbs of wood and other junk and 117$ later she did a good job. you should have seen the...
  17. srodocker

    2010 PNW "Mini" Rally Part 2!

    Ok all its time for another pre-rally for the big one!!!! I finally have my deuce so no bugging people and asking if they want to go pick up my truck for me hahahahha so details... WHEN: April 17th a saturday **Dans wife will be back from iraq on leave and she wants to see all of our rigs!!**...
  18. srodocker

    Portlands Collectors show?

    Anyone going to it this year? if so what are the dates?
  19. srodocker

    Got my deuce :)

    HOLA! long post incoming! wow what a long a good way. OT all week...but it didnt matter since i was so excited to pick up my truck on friday. So the plan was to meet at dans at 7. well i got off at 4 got home at about to bed at 5...woke up at 6 and got to dans. 1hr of...
  20. srodocker

    found a 1943 chevy wrecker?

    found it on craigslist...just posting it no affiliation 1943 chev military
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