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    Weepy injection pump

    Hi I replaced this seal on one of my Humvee injector pumps a few years back,I kept the GM packing that it came in as a useful reference for part number which is 22530034 I just did a quick search with that part number and found one for $7 might be able to get cheaper if you make a few phone...
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    Humvee fuel tank what plastic is it made from?

    Hi I have bought a $60 new fuel tank but to ship to uk is $800 plus import duty and 20% tax on purchase price and shipping costs and the cheapest available this side is from holland and that's $500 . So the $60 new fuel tank will be shipped one of the Humvee I have in the us but will be a few...
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    Humvee fuel tank what plastic is it made from?

    Hi took a Humvee fuel tank to get plastic welded the company can weld bits of the original fuel tank to its self but need a patch section to do full repair. They cannot identify the exact material it is mabe out of does any one know what materia it is?
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    Perkins Diesel Conversion M-1009

    Hi what Perkins engine is that and is is auto Or manual transmission?
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    A2 fuel tank question

    Hi perfect info and pictures by a been there done that bloke ,what more could I ask for thanks
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    M1078 - radiator - electric fan conversion

    Hi I was trying to find the cfm for a truck as I was looking to see what air I would need to shift for a v6-92t 350 hp in a Sherman which has no ram air effect as radiator is horizontal above engine at the rear . So from your resaults probably need 2 10k cfm electric fans at 24v would be 120 amp...
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    A2 fuel tank question

    Hi i removed the older fuel tank part number 12338588 which is for the drive line park brake,but the humvee has been reworked and the drive line park brake disk has been completely removed , The park brakes are now combined in with the service brake calipers . It has also been fitted with the...
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    Starter Motor Bolts - Which Ones?

    I also thought why not a hole as you could slot the stude through the hole then you have say half the weight of starter motor supported while you wiggle around the other end to get the bolts started. Only down fall I see is getting the washer on and nut started in situ will be more fiddly than...
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    Blocking off engine oil cooler lines on 6.2 Humvee engine

    Ok I will loop them thanks.
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    Blocking off engine oil cooler lines on 6.2 Humvee engine

    Hi want to test run a 6.2 Humvee diesel can you just cap the flow and return connections on the engine or do you have to loop them? The engine is not currently in the Humvee. On the 6.5 are the 1/4 square female drive block drain plugs still under the engine mounts? Not that useful if you want...
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    4 man cargo cover kit

    Me and I presume the original post would still like to know info on the 4 man CARGO area kit and not the 4 man crew kit!
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    4 man cargo cover kit

    Hi the original post and mine are about the cargo cover kit ! (Mine was just for the installation kit as stated no hoops or top) So I do not know if the posting of the 4 man soft top kit info is aimed at us? At $6200 it is the most expensive 4 man kits I have come across.
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    4 man cargo cover kit

    Hi, Do you have the four man cargo area installation kit for sale please? This is the kit without hoops and cover. Thanks Mark
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    Hi have 3 in the uk cheapest £16k
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    2 M1123's shipped from Yermo to Livingston, Montana

    Its refreshing for a shipping company to know what a m1123 is . When I have called transport companies in the USA for quotes in the past for moving military vehicles I give them the model number but still want all sizes and weights and pictures. I work for a recovery/transport company in the uk...
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    Us military Kawasaki lx250t ?

    Hi thanks for that very informative good background to the klx or lx250t. I note the gov planet molesworth link also describes it as a LX250T do you think they got it wrong and is in fact a KLX250T ? When serching the web it appears the Japanese military use the KLX250T there version looks more...
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    Us military Kawasaki lx250t ?

    hi I believe your one to be the Kawasaki klr 250 kick start only does it have the black out lights frount and rear?
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    Us military Kawasaki lx250t ?

    i was using the model prefix the seller put in there add they are selling it as a Kawasaki LX250T Perhaps the seller has got it wrong? I also see there does not appear to de any black out lights fitted?
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    Us military Kawasaki lx250t ?

    Hi in the uk there is someone advertising what they say is x us military Kawasaki lx250t picture does show a gov planet sticker on it with geo 2883 . Have google serched military Kawasaki lt250t but nothing comes up on ?it can someone confirm this model was/is used by the us military.
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    Detroit Diesel

    Hi to find leaks on the Sherman/m10 6046 engines I do what the manual says which is with fuel in the engine fuel system ie it has run,pressure the engine fuel system to 60psi with shop air line and look for leaks. This works well has shown leaks on filter housing that were dry when running . You...
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