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  1. Goose2448

    South West Florida Members

    Alright, I know for a fact that I am not the only one in the South West Florida Area. Im talking Punta Gurda to Naples, Including Cape Coral and Fort Myers and any other area in between. Since I have been down here, a most a year now, I have not meet, or even spoke too another member in this...
  2. Goose2448

    Thanks to Tkress

    There came a knock on my door. And when it was answered, there stood a man with a Deuce in the back ground. It was TKRESS. He came to say hi and show off his truck. It looks great and will look brand new when he is done with it. He had heard I have had some problems with some folk around...
  3. Goose2448

    Thanks AN/ARC 186

    I will post the whole stroy when I have the time and can talk about it. My Buddy joined the Marines alomst a year ago. Durring Boot Camp he was involved in a training accadent. He is now having problems. He went through a Med check and found somthing that was not reported when he joined...
  4. Goose2448

    What do Yall think about M820 Van trucks?

    I would like to know if some M820's are worth bidding on and what they might go for. They are Van trucks taken apart. They seem to be in ok shape. Any other info on the M820 would also be nice. Thanks, Goose
  5. Goose2448

    Rally in Hanover, Pa

    I am orgnizing a cruse night here in Hanover,Pa. It will be on the golden mile on the north end of town. We will start on Friday (12-5-09). It could be every Friday if yall like. Eisenhower Drive Hanover, PA. 1800. Will be out there somewhere. Thanks, Goose
  6. Goose2448

    Need to Know EveryThing About Deuces

    I am looking at buying a M35A2 and need to know what to look for. I would like to look at a few good examples first to compair. I would be nice to drive one to get a feel of what they are supposed to do. Thanks Goose.
  7. Goose2448

    Happy Birhtday!

    The Jeep turns 69 today. Thanks to Willies.
  8. Goose2448

    How About A V8?

    Has anyone thought about dropping a Duramax in a Deuce? Twice the Hp and Twice the Torque. It is also lighter. The Spicer 3053A should bolt up real good. Any Ideas?
  9. Goose2448

    What about this one?

    The guy also has a fully restored M35A2. I have not looked at yet. It is a soft top and has the cargo cover. The only other thing I know is it is 6X6 full time. No air shift front end. He wants $4000 for it. Thanks, Goose
  10. Goose2448

    Good Deal or Not

    I am looking at buying my first Duce. A guy in my area buys and sells them from his surplus store. It is a 69-72 model. It is a multi-fuel turbo either 1C or 1D. It is a hard top with a heater. The Tires look good. There is some small amount of rust, mostly in the bed. Some of the paint...
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