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  1. Lax

    Buying price

    I am a Deuce guy looking at getting into the HMMWV world. Naturally I am looking at the government auctions as I bought my Deuce years ago. My question is what is a "rough average" final selling price of the HMMWVs actually selling on the government auctions? I see they seem to start about...
  2. Lax

    She won't start

    I have a M35a2 that has been in the barn for a while. It started last winter but when I tried to start it today she would not start. The batteries are charged and she turns over fine. When I fist hit the starter it pops over then dies and keeps cranking and cranking. I hit it with some ether and...
  3. Lax

    Fuel tank crud..

    For the first time in years I decided to clean my tank and what i found is scary. There feels like about 1/4 inch of thick crud lining the bottom. I have a series of parades starting next weekend that my Deuce will be the star of the show and I would like to clean my tank really well (and never...
  4. Lax

    Lack of power

    Today I took my Deuce out for a drive and noticed it had about half the power it should. It started fine and idled fine but the best I could get was about 1,500-1,600 RPMs in 5th gear on flat land. The fuel is old and I realized I have not changed the fuel filters in ages. The more I dove it...
  5. Lax

    No turn signals

    I would appreciate any suggestions on fixing a turn signal problem. I have lights all the way around but no turn signal or hazards will flash. Attached is a photo of my turn signal unit. When I turn on a turn signal the light in the center of the unit blinks very weakly a few times then appears...
  6. Lax

    Transfer case oil?

    I know this is a simple question which usually turns into a long debate but can anyone suggest an oil for my M35A1 transfer case? I am going to use non-detergent 30W for the tranny but would like some thoughts for the transfer case. The truck sits for long periods. Thanks.
  7. Lax

    Any video?

    Does anyone have a short video on where and how to check the fluid levels of the transfer case, differentials and trany for an M35A2? It has been so long and it is now so cold (19 degrees, well below zero windchill) I don't want to spend any more time out and underneath my deuce then I need to...
  8. Lax

    Jet A fuel??

    I am on a disaster relief run (Sandy) right now and will need fuel. I am also a pilot and know where a few airports are I can get fuel. Can I run Jet A fuel in a stock M35 Deuce. I never have and can't remember. If so, can I run it straight or must I cut it with something. Thanks.
  9. Lax

    Tranny refill

    Does anyone have any tricks to refill/top off a Deuce Tranny? Right now I am crawling underneath and trying my best to pour as much of it as I can on the ground with only a little actually in the filler hole on top. Thanks.
  10. Lax

    How can we help Sandy victims?

    How can Steel Solders members with equipment capable of helping the victims of Sandy get involved? Are the days of citizens helping out local fire and police/sheriff departments over? We don't need whack jobs. Just guys/girls with equipment that can help those local departments where ever we...
  11. Lax

    M35 wiper motor questions

    Since super storm Sandy is coming for dinner I thought I should do a pre-flight check on my M35. My passenger side wiper motor has stripped the nut off the shaft and the wiper just sits while the motor seems to work fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get this working by...
  12. Lax

    New tires!

    It has been a while since I posted here but I need to pass the word on a fantastic outfit in Northern PA to get tires, parts and work done on any military vehicle. For honesty sake I don't work for them, I'm not getting anything for saying this and I did not know them until the minute I drove...
  13. Lax

    New 12 V mod for my Deuce & other stuff

    This past summer/fall I made some great mods for my Deuce that some my find interesting. I have attached some photos for your viewing pleasure. The photos show the addition of a new 12V 60 amp alternator, heavy duty electrical cable, new 12V battery, my mounting procedures, along with some of...
  14. Lax

    Goodyear MVTs for sale in Georgia?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know of a tire dealer selling new/used Goodyear MVT tires in Georgia? I spoke to him a couple times but lost his number. Thought someone know who I am talking about. Pretty sure it was GA or maybe NC. Thanks.
  15. Lax

    Binghamton, NY

    Hi guys, Anyone in the Binghamton, NY area reading this? It looks like you guys are getting some very serious flooding. Again. Let some of us know if there are any Fire Departments or other agencies that need the help of some Deuces. I can get there in two hours and my M35 is set up with a...
  16. Lax

    Front turn signal

    Any help would be appreciated. The passenger front turn signal does not have power. I have power to the other bulbs in the turn signal assembly but not to the turn signal bulb. (the rear passenger turn signal works fine) I have tried to follow the wire back as far as I can but it runs into a...
  17. Lax

    One millionth tire question

    For the one millionth time I have a M35 A2 tire question. I would like to keep my original wheels (unless someone has a suggestion for a cheap simple two piece wheel direct replacements). And I would like to keep my original tire size or ones close to that size so I can stick with duels on...
  18. Lax

    Chains vs. Singles

    Since snow, mud and flood season is upon us I would like to ask a question of anyone with REAL, PERSONAL experience. For mud and snow what is the best tire setup. Singles or the stock duellies but with good chains? I have heard guys rave about running the duellies with chains as being close to...
  19. Lax

    12V Emergency lights on 24V system?

    I am hoping to mount a Federal Signal mini light bar with three emergency lights on my cab (two red, one center clear) and a siren with one (1) 100 watt speaker mounted on the grill of my 71 AM General Deuce. The lights and sound system are 12 V and I checked with Federal Signal today and found...
  20. Lax

    She won't start in the cold!

    My M35A2 hates to start in the cold. It has since I restored her four years ago. The only way I can get her attention is with shots of ether. I know some guys do that all the time but I think I should not have to unless it gets well below zero. I installed a flame heater hoping that would work...
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