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  1. Rhino 5/4

    J Pipe Repairs

    I found a post about replacement J pipes being a PITA to install due to bends not matching OEM. Has anyone bought mandrel bends and replaced the bottom section that rusts out or are the new replacement J pipes made correctly now? I believe it was an older post I was looking at but several...
  2. Rhino 5/4

    Tale of two Deuces

    Greetings all. We have been hanging out in the RV section with a M725 ambulance build and thought we will come bother the neighbors for a while with our new additions to the family. We got the last one home Saturday and will try and revive them together. I pulled the injectors on the 109 and...
  3. Rhino 5/4

    TX 2022 SEMVR Windrock TNN

    I am gathering up some items that may be of use to those that love the green stuff to take to the rally to sell. I have access to lots of parts and equipment if you will PM me your needs with part numbers and pictures I will look and see what I can dig up. I will post Items that may be of...
  4. Rhino 5/4

    Buzzards Roost

    Greetings all: 1966 M109 rejuvination. Data plate on engine says LDT465-1D 1-87. I looked through the topics on the TM page and did not find a 1D listing. Need help with finding the correct one so I can down load. Also, is there a tag on the transmisssion and Tcase that I need to look for or...
  5. Rhino 5/4

    Motor Pool Addition M109

    Greetings all. We pulled the trigger this weekend and will have lots to do to get her back in shape. I did look first, but have not found a spacific thread on the correct TM to procure. I am wanting to purchase a paperbound TM. Question: What do I need to look for on the dash plate to get the...
  6. Rhino 5/4

    Girlfriend in the next town

    I went to see her again and she gave me a little tease and I went all in. Now I guess will have to see if she will kiss and tell.
  7. Rhino 5/4

    Craigslist: WW2 Dodge Power Wagon

  8. Rhino 5/4

    Expeditions, adventures or just a campout

    What are the possibilities of those of us with MV conversions sharing their trips and upcoming plans. Might be opportunities to meet in person, find a new trail to explore or many other possibilities. For me, it seems as though even a night in the sticks can turn into a good story to share...
  9. Rhino 5/4

    Rhino 5/4 RV

    Just joined and thanks to admin for accepting me. Bought this ol girl a few months back and been working on her to get road worthy. Made my first trip with the grandsons over memorial weekend and served us well. Functional but a long way to go.
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