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  1. BigjeepTX

    M1009 Battery Draining

    Well that fixed it the alt that was on the passenger side was a new rebuild put on before I purchased the M1009. replaced it and now all is good. Thanks Guys, Bigjeep
  2. BigjeepTX

    M1009 Battery Draining

    So you think the alternator is draining the battery. OK will try that first and see what happens. Its a problem that just started and its driving me crazy. Thanks, Michael
  3. BigjeepTX

    M1009 Battery Draining

    My 1984 M1009 keeps draining the battery closest to the firewall. I swapped it out under warranty both batteries are brand new but if I do not start it once a week the rear battery goes dead. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Michael
  4. BigjeepTX

    Ugh i rolled her!

    Glad your OK could have been bad. That truck is totaled unless you are going to put a complete body on it. Cheaper to get anther M1009 than fix that.
  5. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    Your lucky the county I live in is huge and all the tag offices are without humor anymore I miss the old hometown run tag offices where you could have it your way. Bigjeep
  6. BigjeepTX

    1984 M1008 finally arrives

    Very nice M1008 wish it was mine.
  7. BigjeepTX

    Amateur Radio

    Just got my technicians license last month. Im in the Texas State Guard and they encourage you to get one so I did. Right now I just have 2 meter but more soon to come. Gonna setup the M1009 with some HAM gear just for fun. Michael, KF5EHS
  8. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    I feel your pain. Send them a letter back that says " Yes it has one" Bigjeep
  9. BigjeepTX

    My "new" m1009

    Very nice bet it was cold with the back window down.
  10. BigjeepTX

    M35A2 Crew Cab #2 with rear steer

    DO WANT!!! Very nice. Bigjeep
  11. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    I know it should be a no brainer but for some reason the VINs are not showing correctly in the system. Then when they found out it was a MV oh my vapor lock occurred. Cant wait to get a deuce and register that one. :-D
  12. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    Already has one this is when I picked it up. Now it has been power washed and cleaned inside and out. I will get new pictures when it stops raining here. Amazing what a good scrubbing will do. ;-)
  13. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    The beast in question, TxDOT swore this was a "Saturn" car. :roll:
  14. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    Thanks. A get together would be great, gonna put some fresh CARC paint on the M1009 so she will be purdy for convoy use.
  15. BigjeepTX

    YES! The title finally came for the M1009

    After a 3 month fight with Texas DOT over getting a title on the M1009 they finally issued it. After 3 trips and VIN etchings along with pictures they decided that they would accept the SF97 from GL. At first they just wanted to argue about fee's and tax. I will NEVER buy a MV again that does...
  16. BigjeepTX

    Title Drama

    Dont do it! Here I sit 60 days later after submitting the SF97 to Texas and it was "Title rejected" seems the CUCV's are coming up as GM cars of a newer vintage. I re-submitted VIN pencilings and color photos to get the title released on my Blazer. Now I have nothing no SF97 no title just a...
  17. BigjeepTX

    log out idle time

    Just checked I am accepting cookies. I just installed windows 7 this afternoon and that did not make any difference. It seems to be a time out issue.
  18. BigjeepTX

    log out idle time

    I keep getting logged out of this site also and I do check the keep me logged in box. Is this an IE8 problem?
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