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  1. rossbart

    Critique possible new 151A1 for a Mutt newby?

    Have an opportunity to trade for what seller tells me is a 1967 Ford M151A1. Doesn't sound like he has owned that long and says he isn't sure if it was cut or not. I will go look at it next week but hoped to get you guys input first. I have and do own many MVs but have had no experience with...
  2. rossbart

    M1009 Starts great cold - hard to start warm

    Have a seemingly odd issue with my M1009 that is so repeatable that I hope someone can give me some insight. Vehicle is a 1985 in excellent condition. I'm not sure it is the original motor as it is awefully clean, no leaks, uses no oil, etc.. I got it a few months ago from GL and have put...
  3. rossbart

    M817 Won't Dump???

    I just recently purchased two M817 5-Ton dump trucks. One is in excellent condition - the other probably a parts truck. Anyway, I'm having difficulty getting the dump to raise. I have checked and adjusted all of the external linkages from both the dump lever as well as the transmission driven...
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