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  1. rivired

    Bobbed Deuce For Sale Washington State

    Selling my project that ive finished. No complaints about it but i just have no use for it. Everything works and drives down the road nice.(rides excellent) Hardtop is rusty but ok. Heater Air Shift Comes with nice m105 that matches the truck. Great tires all around (trailer too) no dents...
  2. rivired

    New Exaust For My Deuce :)

    This is the new set up i have.. Got an MBRP straight-through muffler and then i went and added a 5 inch upper for looks since the original wasnt gonna fit back on there anyways.. It sounds amazing..nice and quiet but still has a nice rumble and tone. Much Lower Pitch cuz of the size also. It...
  3. rivired

    Multifuel Engine Issue.. Newb

    Searched high and lo on this one and couldnt find any help.... So now that my truck is completed ive been driving it and i have this issue where at higher rpm's ..and lets say a NUETRAL or light throttle level...the engine like...HUFFS and this chugging noise comes from the stack and the whole...
  4. rivired

    My First REAL Deuce Problem.

    my truck was always a good runner and still is..and since getting it i have pretty much restored the entire thing and bobbd it. However i never got to drive it much before i tore into it.. Anyways heres the issue... Once up to a mild temperature...this HORRID squealing just "CLICKS ON"...
  5. rivired

    So the price is down to..

    500$ for my complete deuce bed with new vinyl cover seats boards bows and the whole 9 yards.. I need it gone. Check classifieds or msg for pictures.
  6. rivired

    Westach EGT gauge ?

    I Recently found this thing in a came off a quad i bought back in the day... Im wondering if this could be used on my Deuce as a PRyo? it reads from 400-1600* it has the 2 small pin style connection on the back..what type of coupling is this considered? Ive searched on google a...
  7. rivired

    craigslist find

    1952 GMC M211 - $950 (Silverdale, WA) just thought id pas sit along.. Not my Thing but it looks to be a decent old 211 and for 950$ and it supposedly is a winch truck. 1952 GMC M211
  8. rivired

    M35 Rear Window

    On my m35's hardtop..the rear window assembly is a rusty mess...i undid all like..20 of the lil screws from the back...can i get the entire assembly out? from the look of the inside it doesn't look hopeful for me.. i cant even figure out how to get teh glass frames out. any help would be...
  9. rivired

    deuce 12 volt system

    so im looking to have a reliable 12 volt source in my deuce. to run lightbar, lots of lights 12 volt mechanical siren stereo radios, ect. i dont think a converter or equalizer will be able to handle the draw of the siren witch feels like turning on a winch. about 80 amps id say..and plus i...
  10. rivired

    Paint Help

    I am repainting my deuce asap...i have it all primed using rustoleum clean metal primer,cuz i just blasted the entire truck myself.... so the problem i am having now is finding a LOCALLY available super durable paint that i can get in either flat or satin finish...Ive read tons about all this...
  11. rivired

    deuce bed cargo cover and others

    ok so i just got my deuce and im bobbing it so i pulled the bed off for sand blasting... i have a bed..good shape no cancer at all.with a pretty much brand new cargo cover..not the canvas kind..the newer rubber backed kind.not a single tear and is still nice and soft not sun backed or faded.3...
  12. rivired

    data plate Q

    so my deuce is a 65 and the data plate sez W/W and it has all the tags on the dash for pto and winch operation... however ..unfortunately my truck doesn't have a winch hole in the floor no pto ect ect the pto spot cover is rusty and old looking just like the rest and the bumper does not...
  13. rivired

    my Deuce is slow

    Ok so sorry if this is a repost... but ever since ive been a member ive read about people trying to make there trucks go faster and how there too slow ect ect.. now i know this is not a vehicle meant for speed...but mine seems unusually sluggish... the turbo spools good,spins high..the motor...
  14. rivired

    New From Washington State.Deuce Advice needed

    Hello all,i just put some money down with a guy who has 4 deuce's for sale..Now i can make up my mind between these two,there both in likewise condition in general,however one has a rebuilt in 1992 D-motor,And the other is a C-motor rebuilt in 1982..and i just LOVE the sound on the whistler...
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