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  1. mark salanco

    LDS intake rockers installed on intake and exhaust.

    Has anybody installed the LDS intake rocker arms on both the intake and exhaust? I have an extra set of new LDS rockers and was toying with the idea of installing them on my exhaust. I have a new set on my intake. I'm thinking it may lower the EGT and make more power.
  2. mark salanco

    Rod bolt torque

    Looking in the TM, I see 2 different rod bolt torque values listed. LDT 465-1C 81-86 pound feet LDS-465-A1 81-86 pound feet LDS-465-2. 95-100 pound feet The engine I'm rebuilding is an LDT, with the TD block. I purchased new 12 point rod bolts, so what is the torque value?
  3. mark salanco

    air impact wrench

    Does anybody know if a ½ drive 650 ft.lbs air impact wrench is strong enough to break the lug-nuts loose on a duce???
  4. mark salanco

    Turned up the Fuel today

    I finally got my pyrometer, boost gauge and water injection installed today. I turned up the fuel and Wow, what a difference in power. There is a long hill near me that I used to have to get down in forth gear on and barely make it with the peddle to the metal, now I pulled that same hill in 5th...
  5. mark salanco

    Winch cable lube

    Does anybody know what that protective stuff is that Uncle Sam uses on the winch cable, it works most excellent and I would like to get some to put on my winch cable.
  6. mark salanco

    IP leaking fuel

    I changed my oil and installed Jatonka spin on fuel and oil filters sunday. I was checking for oil and fuel leaks and noticed my IP pump was leaking fuel from the fuel shut off cover.:x i checked the TM's and am woundering if a leaking FDC would cause fuel to leak from the shut off cover...
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