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    Mighty Mite at MVCC 2022 Spring Meet. (Camp Plymouth)

    This Unique Mighty Mite belongs to one of our MVCC members. When Mark found it, it was in a very forlorn condition. It didn't run and the original 4-cylinder air cooled engine had been replaced by a cast iron 4-cylinder Volvo engine. Necessitating the grill being extended out about 6 inches to...
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    Replacing M35A2 Ignition Switch MS39060-2

    I couldn't find much on this subject in the archives, so I thought I'd ask the membership. In the 17 years that I have owned this truck, this is the only dash component that I haven't replaced or removed. It's the long handle switch right above the 3-lever light switch. Is there anything I need...
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    MVCC 2022 Spring Meet Camp Plymouth CA. #1

    Some pictures from the MVCC Spring Meet. April 27-May 1.
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    Jeep Steering Linkage Kit (2530-735-1411)

    This is a Jeep Steering Linkage Kit (2530-735-1411). Are any of our Jeep Gurus familiar with this Kit. Is it applicable for the MB, GPW, M38, & M38A1 jeeps. Here are several pics of the boxes, and the parts to the kit. I have a 1953 M38A1, and I would like to rebuild the front end this summer...
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    Shelter, Electrical Equipment S-250/G

    TM 10-5411-205-23P
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    M38A1 Rear Main Seal Replacement

    I'm still learning my way around the M38A1. My Jeep is running great, but she has a rear main seal leak. Guys, can I replace the rear main seal with the engine in the Jeep, or do I have to pull the engine??..............thanks!!
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    M38A1 YS 950S Carb Doesn't Fit

    I purchased a 1953 M38A1 awhile back. It had a Carter YF carburetor when I purchased it, the YF is standard on commercial jeep F head engines. My YF leaked a little, and ran a little rough. So I found a Carter YS 950 at one of the California meets, and had it rebuilt by a competent carb shop. So...
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    The Best Of Russian Trucking

    About 8 minutes of Russian Trucks In The Rough, In The Water And Elsewhere. These Guys would have fun at the Georgia Rally.
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    Gun Trucks of the Vietnam War

    This is a little long at 23:48, and there is no audio, but there are sub titles for every picture. But if your interested in Gun Trucks and the brave crews that manned them, this is for you. There are about 100 Gun Trucks shown here. Some Gun Trucks were built on M51 dumpers, and at 16:20 Proud...
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    359th Trans Company Gun Trucks, Viet Nam

    This is meant to be an appendix to Papa Bears fine detailed post on Gun Trucks. Some of the trucks in PBs post you'll see here, along with the men that served.
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    11.00X20 NDCC Tires on 9.00X20 Rims, Going on an M35A2

    I looked in the archives, and couldn't find this exact question. I am going to be changing all 10 tires on my M35A2, and I would like to go with the larger diameter 11.00X20 NDCC tires to keep the original look, and pick up a couple miles an hour top end. I know the tires will fit on the rims...
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    Reno air races 2019

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    Thanks to Guyfang, Chris Miggins, and Robo McDuff

    Many Thanks to Guyfang, Chris Miggins, and Robo McDuff for their unselfish time spent digging up TMs for a 1977 MAN 4X4 5 Ton truck. The TMs are of course printed in German, and search as we might, we were unable to find any in English. After some head scratching, we did find a company that...
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    Anyone had a GP pickup at Doyle Storage

    This will be my first pick up at Doyle Storage. Anything I should be aware of? Address is Doyle Storage 448-460 Simms Rd. Doyle, CA 96109. On the map it's not to far from the Sierra Army Depot....Thanks.
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    Bobs ARMY/Navy Store in Mojave, CA. Is it Still Open?

    Is Bobs ARMY/NAVY Store in Mojave, CA. still open? I've been by several times over the last several months usually on a Saturday and he's been closed. Out back there's a couple of trailers and an M38 left, just about everything else outside is gone.
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    Camp Plymouth April Swap Meet & MV Show Pictures

    More to come.
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    Deuce Front Bumper Tow Bar Mount (again)

    There are quite a few posts in the archives on this subject, and I read through quite a few of them, and watched a few You Tube vids as well, before coming up with this idea. As with others who posted on the subject of front bumper tow bar mounts, one of my main reasons was to get the 100+ pound...
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    Deuce Companion Flange Torque

    Couldn't find this issue in the archives. I'm installing a new companion flange and output shaft seals in my transmission. (pic is the old one) The TM calls out for a torque setting of 120-150ft lbs. To get a gap in the castle nut to line up with the cotter key hole in the main shaft, I have to...
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    Deuce Horn Problem.

    I have been going round and round with the horn on my Deuce. When operated it sounds like I have half a horn, and my air pressure is over 100psi. I have done an archive search and couldn't find a problem quite like this. So I replaced the Solenoid thinking that was the problem, and checked the...
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    Petaluma Dodge Truck Pics

    Here are some of the Dodge trucks at this years Petaluma Gathering.
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