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  1. bigboy44

    M939A2 Civy Trailer hitch build

    I wanted to build a hitch for my 923A2 for a while, I kept looking for one that someone had built already so I could get some ideas! I have not found one so here goes! I am using some plate that I had laying around and it is 1/2". The tube is 3x3x1/4". I have made several adjustments while...
  2. bigboy44

    Wheel Identification

    Can someone tell me what does this wheel fit. I would also like to know how hard is it to remove the tires from this rim and install them on M939 series rims. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Any suggestions for balancing, golf balls, beads ect. I would like to know how the Military...
  3. bigboy44

    1990 bmy 923a2

    My 1-2-14 GL win, a M923A2 and recovery. I arrived at Camp Shelby at 10:45 it was 24 degrees. my son and checked the truck thoroughly then started the truck and it started right up. I had made 2 previews of the trucks so I knew what I was getting into (reason for 2 inspections is my grand kids...
  4. bigboy44

    1990 bmy 923a2

    I won this BMY 923 on the 22nd from Shelby on a wim without a preview. I studied the pics and the video at least 20 times, since I am very short of funds I waited till the last minute to make a final bid. To be quite honest I was not feeling so well so I laid down on the couch about 2:45 and...
  5. bigboy44

    Replacing the NHC250 with the 6CTA8.3

    Has anyone remove the Cummins NHC250 and installed the 6CTA8.3 in its place? I put 2 of my trucks side by side to look at the difference between mounts on the 2 trucks and they are totally different. The transmissions are supposed to be the same in both A1 and A2's with the drive shaft longer on...
  6. bigboy44

    Drop side cargo bed pins that hold the sides and tailgate.

    I need 12 pins that hold the tailgate and drop sides on the bed! They don't have to be new.Shipping to 70435. Thanks Warren
  7. bigboy44

    My 925A1 Trucktor Mud Flaps

    Well it is not a tractor anymore I will call it my Trucktor until I pick a name for it. I got the mud flaps on today and took a few pics, they will be removed and painted. I still need to cut the drop sides down to length then all that will remain is painting.(For now).
  8. bigboy44

    My new 932A1 Acquisition and Conversion to 925A1 short bed.

    I recently acquired a 932A1 from Csm Davis and I will be adding a deuce drop side cargo bed to it. I have all the fifth wheel stuff removed and I will cut a section of the drop side out and reweld it back together. I changed the transmission oil and filters yesterday along with fuel filters and...
  9. bigboy44

    Tow Bar Mod. Do or not

    I have a medium tow bar and it is very heavy, I will not try to pick up one side! I have been parting out some dueces and have saved some handles off the frame and wanted to put them on the tow bar to make it easier to handle and also use the handle to route the air lines and tow cables through...
  10. bigboy44

    Working the 936

    My son bought another work truck and the bed of the utility bed wad totally rotted out so he wanted to repair it, we used the 936, and it was a piece of cake to remove the bed!
  11. bigboy44

    M936 Battery relocation

    I move my batteries ans slave reciptical this morning so I can patch the rotted out hole in the floor. I was just going to move the batteries but I liked it so much I moved the slave also and after talking to Csm Davis I think I am going to take his advise and add another battery and a 12 volt...
  12. bigboy44

    Being logged out

    I tried posting a new thread today and after down loading the pics the site site said I was not logged in! This has happened several time before. I lose everything. The title was M936 battery relocation, can someone tell me how to retrieve it. The auto save came on several time while I was...
  13. bigboy44

    M936 New hydraulic hoses and a little paint on wrecker bed!

    I am in the process of changing some of the hydraulic hoses and adding a little paint on the wrecker bed. The hoses on the crane are a must change, they are about to blow. My cousin is a crane mechanic and he made the hoses for me for a few cases of beer[thumbzup]! What a deal. I don't like...
  14. bigboy44

    M936 Switch

    I am cleaning the M936 I recovered and am just about ready to check out the crane, I read the TM several time on the operation and viewed all the diagrams to insure I don't mess anything up. I found this switch but don't know what it does, I can't find any rocket launchers under her so it can't...
  15. bigboy44

    M936 Pickup today

    Picked up the M936 today from Hammond to Covington, La. today. Made it home ok but it was a long day, the truck was sitting for 4 years and in a mud hole no less. I brought the M931 I picked up from Shelby 2 weeks ago (Great Truck) to pull it out the mud hole where we could work on it, no dice...
  16. bigboy44

    M931 Pick up

    I recently won a M931 and I am new to this series truck! From the TM's I see that the brakes are totally air not air/hyd. I plan on picking up the truck with a bob tail tractor, my question is if I hook up a glad hand from tractor to tractor will this release the brakes long enough for me to...
  17. bigboy44

    M936 unavailable after winning

    Talk about being P Oed. I won a M936 on 5-31 without a prior inspection, I went to Camp Shelby the following Tuesday to inspect the truck and to get a idea of what was needed for the pick up after EUC clears. I meet with Eric of GL and we start looking for the truck, after 2 hrs. looking he...
  18. bigboy44

    5 ton dump truck recovery from Pineville, La. to Covington, La.

    I need a 5 ton dump truck picked up from Pineville, La. and delivered to Covington, La.. :grd:
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