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  1. 290smallcam

    Cat 3126B transmission question ⁉️

    Was looking at the wiring schematic for 7AS prefix, CAT 3126B. It only shows hook ups for a AT,MT and HT Allison trans. This is a 70 pin ECM. Can the newer Allison MD3060 be connected.
  2. 290smallcam

    Cummins 855ci pistons?

    Was looking at 14:1 comp. ratio pistons and they were the "newer" Tri Tech pistons for a Big Cam. Looking at my manuals for the NHC 250 and B.C.400, they have the same measurements. Can they be used in any motor? Can a B.C. piston be used in a small cam, and vise versa?
  3. 290smallcam

    Catastrophic tire failures?

    So I started a thread yesterday about running bigger duals on a 5 ton and a member said the 14.00R20 XL's are known for catastrophic random failure. Has any one heard of this? Has anyone ever had any such catastrophic failures with any tire? Goodyear or michelin? The only issue I've ever heard...
  4. 290smallcam

    Largest dual tires for 5 ton?

    Looking at tire options for winter. I would like to go back to duals for look but hat
  5. 290smallcam

    6CTA compound turbo?

    A thought. Since the 8.3 is the big brother of the 5.9 12 valve, wonder if this is possible. People have added a HT3B-26 turbo to the stock HX35 on there 12 valve cummins and love it. They say it makes a great DD and towing rig. A few videos on YouTube and other forums. So why wouldn't a HT3B-30...
  6. 290smallcam

    M931A2 16:00R20's ???

    Will 53's fit on the M931? Does the cummins 6CTA have problems moving it with such large tires? And what MPG is anyone getting with the 8.3 and 53 inch XZL's? thanks!!!
  7. 290smallcam

    5 Ton repower mpg?

    What MPG are any of you out there getting now that you have swap out the NHC 250 for something else? Big cam or small cam? Lets even include those how have added a turbo, dual fuel line the NHC 250. Did the MPG go up, or did it go down?
  8. 290smallcam

    0.65:1 transfer case?

    Looking for a transfer case to replace the stock M813 one. Cant find any HD ones out there on google that have a high gear of in the range of .70:1 to.65:1 ratio? the Oshkosh 5500 has .90:1 ish ratio and is way to big! The M900's are .73:1, looking for a litter lower. Any suggestions.
  9. 290smallcam

    M916 6X6 Lockers

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum but didnt find a place for the M916. Anyways i have a question about the lockers. So some of the M916's cam with a no spin locker in the rear or rears. Is there a locker only in one rear axle or both rears? is the locker the same as in the 5 ton trucks...
  10. 290smallcam

    T-136 limits?

    At what point would the T 136 case come apart? Can't find the max tourqe ratting for it here or any other sites. Would 600 ft two be way to much?
  11. 290smallcam

    Push or pull type clutch?? so came across this information for my future project. Which would be better? From my research a pull type is really only worth it in a vehicle if you hot rod or race it?
  12. 290smallcam

    Cummins M35A2 starter question

    Putting together a list of notes for all the things I'll need to do a 12 valve swap. I've been watching tactical repair on youtube to get as much as I can, but still have a few questions. So I'll need a 24 volt 28MT 10 tooth bendix gear starter. I've found them but with different pinion...
  13. 290smallcam

    Spicer 6453 to 12 valve?

    Would this be a ok set up? The 6453 are super cheap out there. Would it need any special parts? Would it bolt right up on a 12 valve with a SAE#2 housing. Has anyone done it?
  14. 290smallcam

    Allison HT740 shift point mod.

    Can the shift points in the HT740 be adjusted like in a MT653 transmission? I've googled it but can't find any info for the HT series. Only for the MT series. Is it the same or totally different.
  15. 290smallcam

    MK 23, 7-Ton Lockers Question?

    Does all 3 axles have a locker? Are they air? How do they act, do they stay engaged pretty well?
  16. 290smallcam

    Steel or Aluminum MRAP wheels?

    I'm wanting to upgrade to new rims for my 43" XZL tires. What is better, the steel or aluminum MRAP wheel? The steel MRAP wheel plus 395/85/R20 XZL will weigh 500+ pounds. Any issues or flaws with the aluminum wheel. Or is there better rims out there for the M35A2. Would the stock A3 rim be...
  17. 290smallcam

    DT466 mechanical overall size?

    I've found the size for a DT466E but not for one with the p pump. From flywheel housing to fan hub, how long is it if someone has one out laying around. One site says 42 other 45??
  18. 290smallcam

    M35A2 power steering options?

    Before I get jumped on, yes I've googled and searched on here.waterloo and now Boyce Equipment offer power steering options for the M35. Both are 99% the same. Boyce offers a different pump. Boyce also states that it won't work with stock M35A2 or M35A3 wheels? Waterloo doesn't state this on...
  19. 290smallcam

    Cummins 400 B.C. MPG?

    Quick question. Looking at putting a 400 in my M 813. Those of you that are running them what MPG are you getting? Or should I just stay with my turbo NHC 250?? That gets around 8-9 MPG empty with 16:00R20's.
  20. 290smallcam

    Wheres all the M35A2's at??

    Are all the m35a2's bought up?
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