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  1. skinnyR1

    Output issues with MEP701A - Power outage issue.

    Hello, We've been out without power for several days here in CT. I've been running my MEP701A. I have it wired for 120/240 split single phase. L0- Ground L1- HOT L2 - Hot. It has the jumper inside the unit. It is wired directly into a sub panel. The issue is that it will not power my 3/4...
  2. skinnyR1

    Bouncing/teeter tottering suspension bounce depending on the road

    I don't think there is much of a solution here, but wanted to discuss. I drove my truck several hundred miles a couple weeks ago. At one point of the trip, the road was a concrete highway, with a lot of repair work that ran perpendicular to the travel lanes. Sort of like expansion joint...
  3. skinnyR1

    Replacement heater core for M35a2

    My heater core sprung a leak. Does anyone know of a replacement civi or aftermarket heater core, that will drop into the box?
  4. skinnyR1

    HMMWV or A3 seat on a A2 Spring Driver base

    So I just drove my M35a2 250 miles to drop it off at its destination. 6 hours in the saddle. During the last hour or two of the drive, my thoughts were primarily clouded with ways to make the truck more comfortable. The springer seat isn't horrible really, but it also is not what I would call...
  5. skinnyR1

    Lock out on forward rear axle, to prevent drive line bind

    So, next year, I want to lock out one rear axle, to cut out some of the driveline bind we get on these trucks. I have read that some other people on the forum have done this. You basically put a double splined axle on one side of the forward tandem, as well as the lock out. By doing this...
  6. skinnyR1

    M35a2 moved from CT/NY to PA

    I have to get my M35a2 truck back to Brackney PA from Burlington CT. The truck drives, so I could drive it a distance of up to about half way, to meet up with the transport. I am flexible on the timing of this, no particular rush. Thanks.
  7. skinnyR1

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    Here is a bit of history first on the truck; I bought the truck about a year ago. It came from a reputable PA military reseller, who bought the truck straight from GL. They got the truck with a blown head gasket, and a crankcase full of anti freeze. The seller changed the head gaskets with...
  8. skinnyR1

    M35a2 Transmission Input Shaft Leak

    New day, new leaks. I am getting a leak out of the transmission input, in the bell housing. I have read all of the threads here. I have read the TM. Many people suggest lowering the oil level to an inch below the fill plug. I will entertain that concept if I can't determine the real cause...
  9. skinnyR1

    Mike D's deuce recovery/modification thread

    Hello all. The time has finally come and I am super excited. On Friday I drive out to Kublos to pick up my M35a2. It is a 1971 AM General, that Kenny is also putting a winch on for me. I have been looking for several months, to locate a clean, rot free m35a2. I looked at a half dozen here...
  10. skinnyR1

    MEP-701A MEP-016b Voltage Selector/Ground Question

    Hi. I picked up a low hour (152) MEP701A for a decent price a couple of months back. It is in excellent condition. I converted it over to two 12V batteries with ETN's kit, and changed the voltage regulator since it was over charging. This is where I am currently; The battery charging...
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