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  1. Marlboro

    Off the beaten path

    Here's a few more from the other weekend
  2. Marlboro

    Little Stuck

    Little cross rutted, hope the picture works.
  3. Marlboro

    Hangin out in deuce

    Little spot where we hang.
  4. Marlboro

    Pm'ing Pic's

    Trying to post some pics through pm, but can't see them when i preview the message? Looks as tho its there in a different link but not in the post as it would be if i posted in the open forum?? Make sense? Is that just the way it is?
  5. Marlboro

    Hangin set of duels

    Just airing out the back rear
  6. Marlboro

    some old deuce pics

    Just some old snow pics... Think two years ago now
  7. Marlboro

    Pulling with winch

    My main use for the deuce is extracting stuck mud trucks, while these winchs are great they can be a pain to use do to not having a level wind. Is it a bad idea to use the cable as a strap so to speak? I sometimes will winch out a dead truck till its out of the hole then put the winch in netural...
  8. Marlboro

    Arctic Cover

    Is the cover different from a winch truck than a non-winch truck? I just bought one for my winch truck and there's not enough room between the winch and the radiator guard to slide the cover down.
  9. Marlboro

    Saved Another!

    I tow barred my buddy's deuce fifteen miles.
  10. Marlboro

    clutch puzzle

    Well Just finished up the complete brake system over haul on my 70s m35a2. which so far the little i can move it seems good. but that is not the true problem right now. tell u what i did here so bare with me.. after bleeding brakes with all tires still off the truck we started it and put it in...
  11. Marlboro

    working the winch!

    Pulling/winching a box trailer loaded with firewood
  12. Marlboro

    Shot In The Dark

    My buddy has come across to five ton tractors at a local farm, He says they have gas engines and have sat for a very long time outside. Iam very much into the learning process of any military truck, so a few stupid question... What would these be labeled as m????? Lets say they ran when parked...
  13. Marlboro

    Cold Woes

    It seems that the deuce just isn't a cold weather vehicle! I took my truck out on saturday, the temp was going to be a high of 28ish... So having the truck out before in cold weather i knew i should make a homemade artic front(cardboard painted camo). That worked well it Held 180 and had good...
  14. Marlboro

    lights went out

    On saturday night i had been driving my deuce for about 1 hour at night with the lights on(of course). I briefly stopped at a buddies house and as i backed into his driveway all the lights went out, head lights and dash lights. It kinda shocked me so i put the light switch to off then back on...
  15. Marlboro

    Few Pics

  16. Marlboro

    Wow... Hold On!

    i recently bought a 69 kaiser w/w with a hercules engine and d turbo, i took it to a tractor pull friday night and when i left the line in low range first gear the rpm shot right to 3000rpm and scared the daylights outta me... i knew the old girl wasnt supose to rev that high so i let off for a...
  17. Marlboro

    New Guy

    Just Sayin hello, my names joe i''m from nj. i just picked up my 2nd deuce,like a fool i got rid of my last one an had to get another. its a 1969 kaiser with winch (sorry no pic) i've lurked for years an founds tons of info on these trucks, so figured it was time to say hi! i bought it mainly...
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