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  1. bigboy44

    2017 LA rally

    Hi to all my friends and fellow members, I will try to be there, health permitting! Warren
  2. bigboy44

    2016 la rally

    La. Rally Hi Tim, Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I logged the site to see what is happening. I moved to Ava MO. in October and I don't have phone or internet until today. just wanted to say hi to everyone and if I am in La. on the rally day I will be there to say hello. :tank:
  3. bigboy44

    2015 la rally swap/sell/trade

    I have a 1993 BMY A2923 for 7000. cash with a clear title. I have some tractor fuel tanks with brackets and straps 225. each. I have a few 40mm ammo cans and a few 7.62 ammo cans. i have several 5ton axels, a tractor 1400 tire carrier with 2 tool boxes mounted on it for 350., I am building a...
  4. bigboy44

    2015 LA steel soldiers rally

    Hi Tim, Please count me in if I am still welcome!
  5. bigboy44

    New member from Louisiana

    Welcome from Covington, LA. I have a 5 ton for sale and I only want what I have in it for the truck. My Aunt lived on Nursery and still does, her name is Mary with 3 sons Allen, Glenn and Tony. Your dad may know them. Send me a PM if you wouls like to see the truck.
  6. bigboy44

    Like new 931a2

    Nice looking truck Bud, did yours have A/C and power windows?
  7. bigboy44

    M939A2 Civy Trailer hitch build

    I was looking for one also, I do know a lot of the chassies on other trucks have the same width. The old C60 series Chevy's and some School buses have the same width, but no luck finding one. let me know what you find!
  8. bigboy44

    M939A2 Civy Trailer hitch build

    More Pics. Thanks for looking.
  9. bigboy44

    M939A2 Civy Trailer hitch build

    I wanted to build a hitch for my 923A2 for a while, I kept looking for one that someone had built already so I could get some ideas! I have not found one so here goes! I am using some plate that I had laying around and it is 1/2". The tube is 3x3x1/4". I have made several adjustments while...
  10. bigboy44

    M939 Series Maintenance Manuals

    I too would like to get a set if someone finds them! Thanks
  11. bigboy44

    M923 Bob

    Have you got the truck to the scales yet? I am still interested in the fuel MPG also. Thanks
  12. bigboy44

    2014 LA Rally Dates

    Yes Please. Where's Frodo been hiding, did he really freeze? Did we check i don't remember! When is the swap thread starting?
  13. bigboy44

    Newb with a Yanmar question

    There is something better than either, some gas on a rag! I will not use either unless that is all I have and I have to get something started right away. i think diesels get addicted to it like a crack head does to crack! My 2cents.
  14. bigboy44

    power steering cooler

    Juan, I will look at them this afternoon and let you know. I have them sitting next to each other.
  15. bigboy44

    2014 LA Rally Dates

    The only weekend I cannot make is Kentucky Derby day that is the first Saturday in May it is also my Family Crawfish boil and I don't need to miss that. I am only one so if that weekend works for the rest of the folks please go for it, I will still pop in for awhile. Whatever you decide Tim is...
  16. bigboy44

    Getting ready M923A2 recovery @ Fort Riley

    Welcome to SS from Covington, LA. Have a safe trip and be sure to take pics, we like a documented recovery. Again have a safe trip and good luck I hope you get a good one.
  17. bigboy44

    2014 LA Rally Dates

    I will not be able to convoy? Bummer, I was looking forward to getting together. Tell Joey to fill in for you just don't tell him I said so!!
  18. bigboy44

    Wheel Identification

    Gimp, That would be too easy!
  19. bigboy44

    Wheel Identification

    gringeltaube, MWMULES, Juan, Thanks so much for leading me in the right direction! One more thing I noticed, what do I use to get the valve stem out with they are bigger than a regular valve stem. Thanks
  20. bigboy44

    Wheel Identification

    Juan, I was going to call you but I lost your phone #, I knew you could tell me what kind of rims they were! I read all the threads from above and just came back in from looking at the tires and don't think they will be a problem. I got the tractor and the trackhoe to fall back on. I plan...
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