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  1. hoop

    M35A2 intermittent brake issues

    Bigmike is right. But I remember most of the pressure coming from the big hole. I can go out and check tomorrow.... My remembering skills are not what they used to be.....
  2. hoop

    M35A2 intermittent brake issues

  3. hoop

    M35A2 intermittent brake issues

    If you look at the 3rd pic on post 23 you can see both holes. and the size difference.
  4. hoop

    M35A2 intermittent brake issues

    Can you see both holes working? As in releasing fluid...
  5. hoop

    M35A2 intermittent brake issues

    Clean the small relief hole.
  6. hoop

    M105A2 outside to outside wheel measurement

    Mine measures 77 1/2".....
  7. hoop

    Brake Not Bleeding off Pressure

    This was my way of opening the tiny hole...just a push pin with duct tape and a grabby thing. Instant relief.
  8. hoop

    Short airpack rebuild kit?

    I could use 1.....Anyone have one for sale?
  9. hoop

    Day Trip Ohio-Indiana

    That's what the police said.
  10. hoop

    Day Trip Ohio-Indiana

    No idea...I told them it was good in Greensboro. That was 100 miles back.
  11. hoop

    Day Trip Ohio-Indiana

    I did a 850 mile day trip last week. Murphy was with me most of the way. Brakes locked up....starter switch quit working....fuel line leak....and the police said I could not drag my car up the road.
  12. hoop

    VA to South Florida

    I am proud of my young man......the old man. She should bring you and the boys many years of great times.
  13. hoop

    Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate

    Antique Plates -If your military vehicles is over 25 years old you will be able to register your military vehicles as an antique -All the rules and regulations of a normal antique vehicle. The bill reads.... E. Military surplus motor vehicles registered with the Department under any other...
  14. hoop

    Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate

    Looks like anyone in Virginia will have to have a military vehicle licensed before Jan. 1,2019, in order to be grandfathered in for regular plates. Then once that vehicle is sold in VA it can never have regular plates again. Anyone sitting on the sideline wanting Military Vehicle only has a...
  15. hoop

    Who's Rod is this?

    A friend of mine saw this at Pigeon Forge a couple of months ago...So fess up. Who has it? He has some questions...and wants to build one also.
  16. hoop

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    There are a few 800 series in Lynchburg.
  17. hoop

    TRANSPORT 2 1/2 NC to VA

    Fix the brakes and drive it home.
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