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  1. chucky

    Third's Build Thread: "Boogaloo Express"

    That would look good on the front lic. plate .
  2. chucky

    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    Now thats just wrong on so many different levels ! What the fattest girl you ever jigged up in that thing ? Does the truck lean over much ? I assume you have to keep the boom slid all the way in on the big lifts .
  3. chucky

    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    I bet this thing really comes in handy for you to relocate the XXXL ones.
  4. chucky

    M1008 Build

    I think your first thought was spot on correct / ocd / plus a tendency to lean toward sociopathic behavior !!! YOUR PERFECT !
  5. chucky

    Inflation and MEP replacement parts

    5.58.9 at local loves truckstop and going up
  6. chucky

    LMTV Hitch Extension Kit installed!

    Z.T.R. ZERO TURNING RADIUS for trailer !
  7. chucky

    LMTV Hitch Extension Kit installed!

    Man your loosing it!!!
  8. chucky

    LMTV Hitch Extension Kit installed!

    A nice place for your elderly friends to sit !
  9. chucky

    Has anyone else ever seen this Western Star 6900XD?

    Damn what a set of mirrors ! Yea you might make it thru summer swatting bugs the sise of humming birds then freeze to death the other 6 months a year !
  10. chucky

    Rhino 5/4 RV

    Well whats on the stove today? I already see a big tree limb being wasted for a nice rope swing for the local dancin girls to come over and get ta swangin ! And bring a man a cold beverage from time to time !
  11. chucky

    Rhino 5/4 RV

    Somebody get the man a blond !!! quickly and on second thought she doesnt have to have any hair just a willingness to help whatever the job may be ! And no allergies to massage oils .
  12. chucky

    Helo Fast Pass

    Man you sure have it rough down there !
  13. chucky

    M1088 camper conversion

    So i guess i just saw 1 port in the picture but you will fill there and when the tank is full it will push water out the overflow to the ground to show your full ?
  14. chucky

    M1088 camper conversion

    Is the lug in the side with the brass fitting on it the overflow ?
  15. chucky

    Tale of two Deuces

    Why anything you fellas need ! Whats mine is yours just be sure to feed and water them a couple times a day ! They seem to be more user friendly in the evening hours all the way into daylight but get real testy if you dont let them sleep till 2 or 3 in the afternoon then its time to rub the...
  16. chucky

    Rhino 5/4 RV

  17. chucky

    Rhino 5/4 RV

    Why thank you for noticing !
  18. chucky

    Rhino 5/4 RV
  19. chucky

    Rhino 5/4 RV

    Oh then you should enjoy this !
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