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    Japanese Army ammo, supply, and baggage cart

    Photos from the Imperial Japanese Army 7th Infantry Division Museum and modern 4th Infantry Museum located in Asahikawa on the northern island of Hokkaido. Ole and new unit is known as Hokuchin (literal translation—Guardians of the North). They gave the Soviets a bloody nose in the last days...

    Anyone Ever Ship Vehicles from Japan???

    Wondering what it would cost and difficulty to ship M4K forklift(s) AND/OR an M1101 trailer(s) AND/OR Unimog SEE? They don't sell via GovPlanet here. It's done a different, like everything here.....heck, they even drive on the wrong side of the road. The M4K's and M1101's are new. The...

    CARNAC's Historical VIN INFO Thread

    Dedicated to all Heimdallrs from 1971 to 2018. May your G and H cards be accepted. FAQ: -Following info is kinda dumbed down, let's keep it dumbed down. -The system was the Tactical Equipment Database (TEDB) and went on-line around 1971 (I have a manual from 1975 when we used key punch...

    Last Call for movement from CCTX to Atlanta to Winchester VA

    I'll be leaving sometime late Monday or pre-dawn Tuesday. If anyone wants me to move any of my stuff east, let me know ASAP. I'll check messages tonight before I go to bed. I'm already leaving two days behind schedule.

    Small pallet in Ashville, NC area pickup and move if possible

    I have a pallet of 12 small hardigg cases in the Ashville NC area. Need to see if someone can pick it up and move it to one of the following: West toward Texas....somewhere or to Lexington, VA or to Winchester, VA I only won one of three pallets I was bidding on so I can't see making a...

    Small, Light Pallet pickup at Ft Hood

    I have a partial pallet of Hardigg cases at Ft Hood I need picked up. I have no idea when they do pickups but will check tomorrow. It is not with GOVPlanet. This would most likely be a pickup and hold. I will either be coming up Saturday the 15th or the following Friday or Saturday.

    To the tune of Over There...from MUST SEE productions

    Running now Running now Spread the word have you heard It's running now For my jeep is running, it's really running It went kapow but oh how it's running now What a Saint Jewel is great He fixed my ride all in stride It's no debate For the jeep'll run, it'll finally run Just in time for fun...

    Empty 20' Trailer from Texas to Maryland March 23 (then Pennsylvania) (then Georgia)

    Looking for load(s) for travel money. Trailer is probably not wide enough for a HMMWV. I will bring ratchet straps and 4 chains with binders. Leaving Corpus Christi 22 March to Bryan TX for the MV show with empty trailer. Leaving Bryan very late on 23 March heading to Texarkana to...

    DRASH (GETT) Modification Discussion

    Wanted to discuss the pro's and con's of a modification to a DRASH (Applied Technologies GETT Trailer actually). The generator output is 208v 3ph. The ECU uses the same power. Standard household is 110v and 220v 1ph. Some household A/C units will take 208V 1ph (mine will). The...
  10. CARNAC

    Small tent moved from MWMules in Desoto (KCMO) to north side St Louis (correction)

    I have a SICPS tent (two bags) need moved from MWMules to north side of St Louis, MO. Will need it moved by 1 October to the SLMO location so a hunting party can pick it up on their way to CO. Definitely will fit in a pickup truck. Alternatively to have it moved along I-70 so they can pick it...
  11. CARNAC

    SICPS (small tent) Salinas KS to Kansas City, MO

    I have a SICPS tent (two bags) need moved from MWMules to north side of Kansas City, MO. Will need it moved by 1 October to the KCMO location so a hunting party can pick it up on their way to CO. Definitely will fit in a pickup truck. Alternatively to have it moved along I-70 so they can...
  12. CARNAC

    Corpus Christi TX to San Antonio TX 21 August mid-day

    I have a pickup bed empty if someone needs something from here...or can tow (pintle or ball). Anything I have for sale is free shipping. Will need to have everything out of the truck by 4 pm. Have folks I have to get at the airport at 5. Let me know by Sunday so I can pull the stuff. I...
  13. CARNAC

    Corpus Christi to San Antonio June 17

    I’m heading up to SA on Sunday night. If anyone in the San Antonio area wants anything I have posted for sale, Lerner know.
  14. CARNAC

    Corpus Christi to Hillsboro, NC and back 1-4 June

    This is a late Thursday night departure and I have to be back at work on the morning of the 5th. Anything I have in the classifieds is free transport if you can pick it up from me along the interstate at whatever time I pass through. Right now I plan to go I-10 to I-85 but that is open...
  15. CARNAC

    Can anyone pick up a load for me in Guam

    Looking at buying two trailers out of Guam. Can someone swing by and pick them up. Willing to help out on fuel costs. Each weighs 4200 lbs. Just need them brought further east if possible.
  16. CARNAC

    Goodyear MT/R Tires Safety Message

    I received a Safety of Use Message reference Goodyear MT/R tires older than 5 years. Govt has directed any of these tires over 5 years old (specifically Goodyear MT/R) get removed before operating due to sidewall blowouts. At least two accidents involving injury are attributed to this in...
  17. CARNAC

    CAMP LEJUENE to points west

    Can someone pull a generator trailer off Lejeune for me? Looking for getting it just about anywhere west. I am coming east to Atlanta in the future but it might be 60 days before that happened. Heck if I can get it to TX, that would be absolutely awesome.
  18. CARNAC

    Fast Attack Vehicles FAV 1985 Fort Lewis WA Photos

    Crappy photos but here they are. Quite a few years ago someone approached me about FAV's and I said I'd actually been in one and had some photos but ddn't know where. Well I found them. These few are all I have. Posting them here for the restorers to see.
  19. CARNAC

    Anyone near Athens, GA? Upcoming trip/event

    Just kidding because I already know who is near Athens. I will be coming east sometime in the next 90days. My kid made state and is now heading to US regionals in Athens!!!! I think the military will have a drone pilot or EOD robot operator or something like that.
  20. CARNAC

    Some Old Museum Photos

    Taken in SinsheimDeutschland many moons ago before the fall of the wall. PzKpfwIV Ausf F2 SdKfz-2 Kettenkraftrad 75mm PaK40 75mm leIG18 105mm leFH18/40 (I think) 37mm Flak 43 75mm Rakenwerfer 43 SdKfz251 PzKpfwIII Auf N TNHP-5
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