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  1. Rustygears

    A3 Tire Change Procedure

    A few months ago I downloaded an attachment to a thread called 'A3 Tire Change Procedure' This weekend I finally got to put it into practice. The document described step by step how to get an A3 tire off the rim and install a new tire on a rim. I started out on my own without re-reading the...
  2. Rustygears

    M35A3 Speedo Knob Source/Info

    Has anyone found a source for a replacement odometer reset knob for the M35A3? I emailed the speedo manufacturer Faria Instruments and they indicated that they did not offer replacements. I followed up with an email asking if they could please provide the knob shaft diameter and thread pitch...
  3. Rustygears

    A3 Driver's Seat Cover/Cushion

    Does anyone know of a source for A3 driver's seat cover or replacement cover/cushion assembly? Mine was recovered with non-original material and I'd like to restore it. It is different from the A2 and I've seen the A2 covers/cushions available from multiple sources but not the A3 ones. Same...
  4. Rustygears

    M35A3 Engine Paint Question

    My '95 A3 has what I believe to be the original Cat 3116 in it. The engine's original Cat paper inventory stickers are on the block, the computer printed engine data sticker is on the top of the valve cover (and its number matches the block inventory number), so nobody has repainted the engine...
  5. Rustygears

    Fix for air leak - M35A3

    I'm passing this on because I see threads for the A3 regarding both air leaks and PS issues. I noticed the air dryer cycling fairly rapidly and the gauge pressure dropping on my A3 when just sitting and idling. Since there aren't many other items that consume significant air aside from brakes...
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