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  1. Capt.Marion

    Google Custom search instead of standard search function

    Would it be at all possible to implement a Google Custom search ( on the website to take the place of the current search function? EDIT: using a google search with the "" argument included works very well for searching the forums, so if we...
  2. Capt.Marion

    Wheel Cylinder Junction Block

    Upon installing new brake hoses on the Deuce, I killed the threads in the brass junction block on the wheel cylinder with the LAST dang hose I was putting on. I've already got one on the way from Saturn, but since I'm impatient, does anyone know of a Civvy counterpart that I could pick up at...
  3. Capt.Marion

    Newer! 2010 GA Rally Multimedia Thread

    Alrighty folks, tomorrow is the first big, big day at the rally, so I figured we might as well get the ball rolling for the folks stuck at home/work/school/etc! nopics
  4. Capt.Marion

    Deuce from 30005 to 12571 (GA to NY)?

    I'm just trying to feel out the shipping costs for this venture... Anybody have some good estimates on what it would cost to have a deuce shipped from Alpharetta, GA to Red Hook, NY? Many thanks
  5. Capt.Marion

    Reassembly without marring paint?

    I've got probably the biggest newbie painting question- but it's eluded me and ticks off my sphincterly challenged side... When you take pieces (fenders, hoods, panels, mudflaps, etc...) off of a truck to paint them separately and paint behind them where you normally wouldn't have access to...
  6. Capt.Marion

    New! 2009 GA Rally Multimedia Thread

    Post up yer pictures and videos of the latest GA Rally in this thread!
  7. Capt.Marion

    Injector Pump Timing

    Where do I look to find information on setting the injector pump timing on the LDT-465? I'm not entirely convinced that my truck's engine is timed correctly, but I haven't been able to find any literature about it in any of the manuals.
  8. Capt.Marion

    Thread for 2009 Rally

    How are you supposed to get to the "events" section of the website to access the Official '09 SS Ga. Rally Info thread?
  9. Capt.Marion

    Problems with right side of screen at index.php

    When I'm at the new home page (, on the right side of the screen, the "Recent Threads" box in the center covers up/conflicts with the "Random Picture" and "Random Classifieds" boxes. I am running Firefox 3.0.4, at 1440x900 resolution on my Samsung 19" widescreen...
  10. Capt.Marion

    Mil. Trailer box as bed?

    Seeing as there are plenty of surplus military trailers around, and not nearly so many M37 beds in good shape, could the box of one of the various trailers (M101, M105) be used to replace the bed on an M37? I'm just looking for alternatives to tracking down an M37 bed around here to...
  11. Capt.Marion

    GAMVPA Southeastern Fall Rally and Swap Meet Sept 19-20

    This year, the GAMVPA's Fall Rally will be held 19-20 September (Friday and Saturday), at the American Legion Post 201 in Alpharetta, GA. Just to sum up the attached flyer, swap meet, MV displays, and concessions on-site. General admission is free, MVs free, Vendors free...
  12. Capt.Marion

    Different types of primers?

    I'm truly clueless, and the past hour of Googling away hasn't helped. Does anyone know a good website about the different types of automotive primers, or would somebody mind sharing a bit of their wisdom? I finally got a sand blaster and some spraying equipment, so now I need to educate myself...
  13. Capt.Marion

    Engine Paint

    For painting the engine, do you only need hi-temp paint on the cylinder head, or do you need it somewhere else? (Obviously, I'm not considering the exhaust manifold and related exhaust paraphernalia in this question) Just wondering, because I've got a tractor to paint and while I've got the body...
  14. Capt.Marion

    Checking Transmission Oil/Fluid Level

    Okay, where/how might one check the level of the oil/fluid (what is the correct term for it?) in the standard M37B1 transmission? It doesn't like shifting from 1st to 2nd, and it isn't just me. (and yes, I know that it isn't synchro'd 1st and 2nd gear.)
  15. Capt.Marion

    Exhaust Brake?

    While I do not know much of anything about Multifuel Diesels in Deuces, Deuces in general, or life, for that matter, I was wondering if anyone had considered rigging up an exhaust brake on their deuce... I did some googling to educate myself, and was surprised to see that diesels do not have...
  16. Capt.Marion

    Solid State Ignition Kit?

    I just put a solid-state ignition kit (uses a magnet actuated device vs. mechanical points that wear out) on my '50 8N tractor (same engine as in GPWs) and it runs a lot smoother, cranks quicker, and has more torque. if I were to think of putting one on my M37B1, would anything prevent that...
  17. Capt.Marion

    Water pump + timing chain cover gaskets and Composite Lights

    1st question: Do I need to get the gaskets for the water pump if I use RTV sealer, or do I use RTV by itself? 2nd question: Do I use RTV sealer with my gasket I already have for my timing chain cover 3rd question: Can I use the new-style composite tail and marker lights on my '62 M37B1, or do...
  18. Capt.Marion

    Dash Lights+ turn signals

    Alright, not there yet, but one of the dash lights (new style) in my truck's cab is out. Is there a civilian part number for it, like a sidemarker lightbulb or something? And also, where, besides ebay, is a good place to get SOLID STATE turn signal kits? saturnsurplus only sells the old...
  19. Capt.Marion

    Jumped Timing

    My father and I are looking at a truck just outside of Savannah that the owner claims has "jumped timing" What exactly could he mean by "jumped timing" and what is the timing system on a m37? Is it chain or gear-timed? He said when this happened it apparently "popped" yet still ran strong...
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