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  1. Avn-Tech

    New Ride

    It’s only $20K to fill the fuel tanks (that was before gas started going up). But the plane is capable of flying London to New York unrefueld. so if I save all my money for a year, I may be able to fill the tanks once! So far the plane has cost about $20K (maintenance, purchase and storage)...
  2. Avn-Tech

    Lockheed T33 well some of it

    I also have a couple of cockpits I am working on restoring. One is an F-16B rear cockpit and the second is an A-37A cockpit. good luck Avn-Tech
  3. Avn-Tech

    New Ride

    I forgot to mention that this is a 1954, Canberra B.6 bomber.
  4. Avn-Tech

    New Ride

    Here is my new military ride! we are currently working on restoring her to fly again. So far we have been through the electrical, fuel, hydraulics and starting systems. we are currently working on the flight controls and then brake systems. After that will come taxi test and high power engine...
  5. Avn-Tech

    HMMWV for use in movie

    Group, Looking for southern California HMMWV owners, who would be willing to rent/loan their vehicles for use in a movie. This movie is based on a true story of a veteran wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq. We are currently working on funding for this movie so no dates have been scheduled...
  6. Avn-Tech

    surplus helicopters?

    GSA recently listed several OH-58's UH-1's and UH-60's, even a CH-47. But they all went for high dollars. They also had Complete flying Sherpa aircraft and a parted out P-3. I was watching and trying to buy a C-119 & C-123 several months ago, but they exceeded my budget by about $2K. Laterrrrr...
  7. Avn-Tech

    How many LBird Owners on SS

    I have 3 L-5 projects, two observers and an ambulance. I also have 2 PT-19 projects, 2 BT-13 projects, fouga jet, and a Yak-52 project. When I get time I have an F-16 cockpit and A-37 cockpits to restore also.
  8. Avn-Tech

    looking for member in Hawaii

    I made a mistake and purchased a GEM Cart from Iron Planet in Hawaii. Currently looking for someone who may be able to help me. Please contact me at Thank You Avn-Tech John Fischer
  9. Avn-Tech

    An easy way to pickup a M832 Shelter dolly

    Anyone In s. CA with an M832, I can buy/Rent or Barrow? I need to move a conex about a mile. Thanks Avn-Tech
  10. Avn-Tech

    M832 wanted

    Group, I am looking to buy or rent an m832 container mover. Thank You Avn-Tech
  11. Avn-Tech

    Deuce or 5 ton needed for event

    Group, I have been contacted by a church group looking for some military vehicles for a men's event they are holding. I am too far away to provide help to them, since they are in the Huston TX area, but said I would post and see if someone local can assist them. Thank You Avn-Tech
  12. Avn-Tech

    M818 TV show rental

    I just did the primer of the fighting season, and supplied 2 deuces. I got $300 a day plus delivery/pick-up, easy and hassle free. (One day drop off, second day priemer) laterrrrrr avn-Tech
  13. Avn-Tech

    Need deuce for Film shoot in Los Angeles

    Wreckerman, i said aid that payment would have to clear before I transported the trucks to the location. Also would have to be listed on the insurance. laterrrrrrr avn-Tech
  14. Avn-Tech

    Need deuce for Film shoot in Los Angeles

    Group, I am am looking for a second deuce for a film shoot in Los Angeles on May 11/12. I have quoted $200 a day for my deuce, but you can ask what you want if they are willing to pay. I am also charging $200 to deliver the truck 100 miles and then pick it up. I plan on being on set to...
  15. Avn-Tech

    Missouri WMO proof?

    Group, i filter WMO down to .001 micron to use in my deuce? (Centrifical filter) if you put out the word you are looking for WMO, you will probably have more then you can use for free. for a while I had a problem keeping it (another member was driving his truck every day and took it as fast as...
  16. Avn-Tech

    Need title advice on 3 Military trucks I currently possess

    Sir, in in california we can do a lien sale if the vehicle is abandoned by the owner. See if your state offers the same process. AAA did the registrations for me on my m105's, Mkt's, m101's, ect. . Check with them and see if they can help you. also there are private firms authorized to do DMV...
  17. Avn-Tech

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Aussie bloke, Thank you for this thread, it was quite a wake up call. I am planning on retiring to Australia in about 10 years. my wife ask what I am going to do with all my toys (aircraft and military vehicle collections). my reply was to take them with me. laterrrrrr avn-Tech
  18. Avn-Tech

    Burning WVO Fryer Oil

    Group, i filter wate motor oil, to use in my Deuce. Shannon Deese used to use the motor oil as fast as I could filter it in his Deuce (Straight) i know before that Shannon used WVO and eventually had problems with his fuel system. i think I still have a couple of drums of fuel he took out of...
  19. Avn-Tech

    Looking for the following manuals for the M75 361 ci Military V8

    Austringer, from my research, it is a Chrysler 361 engine. i found a manual listed at war dogs, if you are interested. laterrrrrrrr avn-Tech
  20. Avn-Tech

    New Member in Bakersfield, CA!

    Welcome Brubber, i am am in California City, about 45 min away. We have lots of off-road land available here for you to play with any toys you have. do you have any ex-military toys yet? laterrrrrrr avn-Tech
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