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    New member locator map...

    lol holland isn't on that map :tongue:
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    600 Members!

    congratzz steel soldiers
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    Big Thanks To All Members

    grolsch is ok but I like dommelsch a little bit more :p
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    Just bought my M342A2

    Never seen 1 before. I heard there is 1 in maastricht (holland) I have seen a lot of M35's but never seen this type The M108 is hard to find to in Holland
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    Big Thanks To All Members

    never heard Scandinavian :devil: But it looks a little bit like german yes. (I can't speak german but I understand what they say :p )
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    I have a lot models of it :turn:
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    A scale model of my M36A2

    I have a lot of models. A lot of models are build by M36A2 paul but I have made models my self to. Some of paul's model's where my idea to :p
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    What the !@#$ is it!

    looks great and the truck right of it is [thumbzup] I only saw it once
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    engine stalls after 7 miles

    ik kan het wel zien hoor I can see it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1966 Kaiser M36A2 (LWB Deuce) 1982 GMC K30 USAF Ambulance 1983 Jeep Scrambler 1969 Cadillac S&S Hearse (daily driver) 1929 Ford Model A Pickup Street Rod 1971...
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    Big Thanks To All Members

    wat dacht je van nu :p en die Amerikanen maar denken :confused: lol he said "is fine, we will teach you dutch. When do you wanna start? :turn: "
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    Big Thanks To All Members

    Thank you. It's hard thinking 4 me :tongue: I can help you 2 speak dutch [:)]
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    Best military vehicle of all time

    Thank you We liked it 2 but we sold it 2 England. :banghead:
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    Big Thanks To All Members

    I'm glad 2 be a family member :tongue: And I know I'm not a American but I will help 2 So if you have any questions :confused: I will help you with my best English and my other dutch friends :smilewinkgrin:
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    loading Jeep in the bed of a deuce?

    I think you have a studebaker deuce. I know someone who has one 1 ( a Experimental) It's a Studebaker XM275 Tractor here are some picture's of our M36A2 with load this pictures are...
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    Best military vehicle of all time

    I realy like the M35 But I love the M561 Gama Goat You can find alot of military vehicles on my site (a lot of M35's) But it's in dutch When I have the time I will make a enlgish site 2
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    What's your Favorite Deuce Paint Color

    Thank you Kenny
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    What's your Favorite Deuce Paint Color

    I like 4 collors we did it with our M36A2
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