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    Deuce in tank pump

    Pump fuse good, must be wiring issue. Going to try 24v direct to see if it works, thanks for the idea, should of thought of that.
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    Deuce in tank pump

    Thanks, I'll look for the fuse box.
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    Deuce in tank pump

    Put a new in tank pump in my deuce that worked fine for a couple of months, then stopped working. Checked the fuse on the pump itself and it's good. Is there another fuse or breaker I could check. Thanks for ant help.
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    Soft steel brake lines for a Deuce

    Hi all, had a harrowing experience on my way to the Basilone Parade in Raritan NJ in my deuce. Was traveling on Route 22 and came to a yellow light. Applied the brakes and suddenly the pedal went to the floor! Went right through a red light and traveled another 1/8 of a mile down shifting...
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    Gauge Problem

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, but yesterday I replaced the electric gauge with a manual one and i'm getting 60lbs cold. Which is why I switched to a 0-120 gauge. The grounds were cleaned and other gauges work normally. Probably should think about a new harness. Want to say thanks to all...
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    Gauge Problem

    Update: managed to crawl under the steering wheel and get a good look at the back of cluster. The spider harness looks klke its been pulled on and off before and is frayed in some areas. Ordered a new harness today and hoping thats it.
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    Gauge Problem

    Thanks, if it ever stops raining here in NJ i'm going to try to run a separate ground wire from the cluster to a good ground on the chassis and see if that works.
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    Gauge Problem

    All four corner screws are tight. Don't know if there is other grounding.
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    Gauge Problem

    Thanks for tips. Will be working on truck again this weekend.
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    Gauge Problem

    They are in the same spot as before, but even with both oil wires off the other two gauges are still pinned.
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    Gauge Problem

    So okay today I replaced the 0-60 oil pressure gauge with a new 0-120 one with a new 120psi sender. Problem is when I turn on the accessory switch, the oil, generator and fuel gauge go pinned to the right with engine not running. Rechecked grounds all looks good. Any ideas?
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    LDT 465 1C engine noise

    Engine noise Have this same noise in my M35A2. Thought it may need valve adjustment. Took it to a diesel mechanic for adjustment and he found that one lobe on no 1 camshaft was worn down about a 1/4". He said it may go 10,000 miles before it finally misfires. Otherwise seems to run fine.
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    Introducing my M35

    Congratulations. Looks like a nice truck!
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    Caution removing freeze/core plugs Multifuel Engine

    Good to know, will be doing this job soon!
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    m66 gun ring data plate number

    Hi, Was away a couple of days, thanks for getting back to me. Your plate might be a repro, but would look great on my ring. If this is for sale let me know how to go about buying it. Thanks Again, Rick P
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