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    US Thermal MFX 2705 Field Water Heater

    I just got a couple of them and was trying to figure out how to power it. Any help would be appreciated
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    1984 D30 M1008 Project

    ok, great, the engine turns over and sometimes it seems it wants to start but doesn't.... replace the fuel filter and glow plugs... what else?
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    1984 D30 M1008 Project

    you must drop the tank to put on this fuel/lift pump, is that correct?
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    1984 D30 M1008 Project

    the wait light is not working, I will check the starter. I downloaded the manuals, I don't see any sticky threads
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    Looking for a mechanic in Virginia

    Looking for someone to work on my M1008. I was hoping to do it, but I am stumped... I can't seem to get it to start
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    1984 D30 M1008 Project

    so after priming the fuel pump, I try to start it and get a loud clicking from the glow plug relay.... all glow plugs have 8-10 volts going to them.... going to check compression... they put a snow plow on this truck and sliced a bunch of wires... I am trying to remove them as well as the army...
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    1984 D30 M1008 Project

    I got a 1984 D30 M1008 from a gov auction. I didn’t know it wasn’t running so now I am in the process of starting it up to see what else needs to be replaced/repaired. New batteries, New Fuel pump, new glow plugs. The glow plug relay is making a loud clicking noise. I am going to try and test it...
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