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    GMMVC Vermont Rally

    I am planning on camping and bringing the 151. Scott
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    My new G506?

    I second this idea. I have 3 of these trucks on the back burner now for a few years.
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    New member: Upstate NY

    Welcome from the green section of NY.
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    M101 paint removal

    A needle scaler is a good alternative to blasting. The thicker and brittle the paint the better it works. Also keep the needles ground flat for better performance.
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    750 x 16 tires Yes No??

    Dan , Check out the G838 website there is a post and a link for this topic . LOoks like the will fit.
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    Winter Starting

    Another veiw
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    Winter Starting

    I have only seen one on e bay. This one looked NOS and works perfectly. It has a built in 80 amp 24 v generator. Supposed to have 4- 6 volt batteries, but I have it loaded with 12 volters. The flame is gas oil mix from the generator fuel tank. The heat is directed with stainless 3 '' flex pipe...
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    Winter Starting

    Slave kit, all self contained 6 12 24 volt start/ 100000 BTU heater. 1 issued per 25 truck in artic conditions. Supposed to start vehicles down to -60 F.
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    Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics added*

    The TM needed is 9-4940-468-13 Tool Outfit,Hydraulic system Test and Repair unit (HSTRU)
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    I have one also.Still has the original markings. I have the side rack hardware, missing the wheel and end gates.
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    BEFORE and AFTER pics - post

    trailer pics.
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    The Skinny on 24087

    Hey Jeff, Yes I will be camping there. Looking forward to it.I am glad it was not needed.Fires SUCK!
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    The Skinny on 24087

    Mine is 997B also. Just about a year old. Still looks goodMostly out off the weather ,but not always.
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    Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics added*

    Some more pics. I picked it up today. It will bend and Flare up to 1 1/4 tube. Assemble no skive fittings. Pressure test hoses and tube up to 5000 PSI. Built in parts washer, transfer pump with bulk filtering . LOts of hand tools, super nice flow meter.There are 15 of the red tool boxes stowed...
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    Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics added*

    RE: Looking for Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics adde I am not sure. I got it from a dealer in Vermont.
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    Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics added*

    RE: Looking for Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics adde I will have my hands on the trailer in the pics on Thursday.Any leads on the manual would be great .
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    Hydraulic repair Trailer TM * pics added*

    Hello all, I am looking for a TM on the hydraulic repair trailer. TM9-4940-468-13 or Componet list 4940-95-b07. I have searched HIGH and low with now luck so far. Any help would be appreciated. Free or For sale either way. Maybe pictures will help Thanks Scott
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    M1031 and a m1008 going for parts........

    Looking for the air compressor for my truck.
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    Trip to the Maginot-Line / France with a M35a2

    Someday I will visit , Thanks for the pics.
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