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    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    We are building a chairlift. Replacing one to be precise, and a contractor who had a 5 ton and trailer to haul large heavy things up the mountain decided one day they didn’t want to keep working. So we need a 6 x 6 with trailer to haul some things. Anybody in Washington want to help?
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    SEE pressure reliefs

    Ive been playing with check valves and pressure reliefs to boost the stength of the loader. All i want is to lift the front tires off the ground, I don’t feel that’s too much to ask. Anyway, after adjusting the pressure relief at the valve block with no success I removed and installed backwards...
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    SEE hose reel swivels

    Maybe this saves some searching and some money for someone else. The part numbers for the oft-leaking swivels on the tool hose reel; NSN 4730-01-160-9833 John Deere 99272188 Hanney Reels 9927.8138 or 9927.8139 (depending on o-ring material) Also I found a viton re-seal kit for 1/2 the...
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    Another tac question

    Does anyone out there know what it could mean when the tack blips up to about 500 rpm when starting and also when shutting down? It doesn’t register anything while the engine is running. There is this little guy That I Think is a ground wire for one of the two suppression filters and shouldn’t...
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    Slow oil pressure 406 / 419

    On my FLU419 the oil pressure takes about 11 seconds to register on the gage. This is consistent every time the engine is started after sitting overnight. It occurs to me now that I haven't confirmed how long it lags after a few minutes off with the engine warm, but not long. As you might...
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