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    Mep805a voltage reg kit.

    I got this Gen set I ordered a voltage regulator kit but the transformer wasn't included. Now I have all new libby voltage regulator and the transformer is stamped "trc 39" are these compatible or do I need to order a libby transformer?
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    M1088a1 no oil press, no 12v, no water temp, no fuel.

    I'm tasked with finding why these 4 gauges aren't working. It's been a nightmare. I have the schematics. I've found continuity from the pdm2 to the MMDC. From the MMDC to the gauge plugs. And no continuity from any power to grounds. I've swapped the gauges individually, I've swapped the MMDC...
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    Injector trim files? C7 cat

    I put an ECU in an m1079a1p2 that didnt have one previously. Its throwing a check engine light now because the injector trims arent calibrated. Can anyone send me the trim files so i can calibrate them with cat ET? These are tge serial numbers i pulled off the injectors and yes i have the 4...
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    Mep 804a fuse mod

    Found this in a 15kw i was working on and got a good laugh 😂
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    1078a1 wipers wont return to "park"

    A real humdinger on my hands here. I have a 1078a1 with winch these wipers operate plike they should in all 3 modes but they dont return to the park position. Wherever they are when you turn them off is where they stop. Ive swapped the motor with a working motor out of another lmtv, swapped the...
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    Mep-831a fuel sending unit NSN

    I need some assistance. Im in need of a fuel sending unit (liquid level transmitter) it has to be a new unit for work and i cant seem to find an updated NSN. The one in the book is listed as a terminal item through Fed Log. If anyone has a current up-to-date NSN i would be in your debt.
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    Mep-802a part numbers for panels

    Hello! New member here. Ive been working on these 2 802A and one of them has some panel damage from what looks like a fork lift. I found part numbers in the manuals but they seem to be obsolete. Does anyone have new or updated part numbers for the panel. I can't buy used panels because its for...
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