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    Looking for some gaskets

    I'm Looking for a tappet cover gasket and a oil cooler gasket.(or should I just call up Memphis Equipment?) I have a class 2 leak coming from the rear tappet cover, is there any tricks or tips that I should take a note of? And are there any other parts I should change out while I have it apart...
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    schematic in the 361-20 manual

    Ok guy's I redrew the Schematic from the 20 manual except the 100 amp stuff, what size would be good for you? up to 36"x 500' lol sorry Recovry 4x4 I dont want to stell your thunder, I could print them out for free (a few each day) let me know what you think I would like to give some thing...
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    New Deuce owner

    Hello all When I was in the Army I was a 63G, fuel & elec sysm, 3rd shop. I miss the old work horse so I picked one up. I have Been reading the board for about 6 months now thanks for the posts about DMV and Insurance stuff it helped me out alot. I just got my duce on the road, [:)] Now I...
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