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  1. jwaller

    Arctic bed heater

    Finally got it installed today. Got this from Bruce about 10yrs ago and just now got it in
  2. jwaller

    Digicam hmmwv

    Yup it's Mexican and it's ugly but I know a few guys who were wanting this for their trucks but had no pattern.
  3. jwaller

    More Hmmwv pics

    Just finished installing some new candy on the Truck.
  4. jwaller

    anyone in jax that can drive to the port?

    I have a M925 that I need to have driven to the port in jax. problem is I can only drive the truck on the weekends when the port is closed. any help would be very much appreciated and compensated. please email me or pm me as I will lose trac of this thread. john at electrocrazy dot com
  5. jwaller

    underbody insulation

    can anyone help me figure out where these go? I can't seem to figure out where the smaller ones fit. The 387-24p is good but not that good.
  6. jwaller

    I can drive your truck for free.

    I'm up in NJ this week and could drive something you have back to the SE. I can also be in the ohio area as well. just would need to haul a small piece for my hmmwv in the back. You pay fuel.
  7. jwaller

    100A gen on a deuce.

    needed a 60A gen for my 5T and the 100A wouldn't fit the 5T so off the 60A came. What I installed was the 100A gen from a V belt equipped HMMWV. fits good, only mod needed was to shorten the water outlet on the water pump. the one that would have the shutoff valve for the water heater core...
  8. jwaller

    8.3 cummins antifreeze ?

    with or without CCA's? std green stuff of heavy truck stuff?
  9. jwaller

    Some new pics for the Veee.

    Some new pics of the Veee. Some recent mods to the truck.
  10. jwaller

    Another big load. M818

    this time it was 62k lbs. not nearly as much weight but she drove like a dream this time.
  11. jwaller

    100k lbs gvw M818

    103k lbs gvw M818 Ya, it's not even close to legal or sane but I did it. All off road for those that care. It was so heavy I was picking the front end of the truck off the ground when trying to move forward(5th wheel was all the way back). had to back up to make turns with it. Would never...
  12. jwaller

    need a load fr MD to SC.

    going to MD next sunday, anyone have a load going to SC, NC, VA, FL, AL or GA they need moved?
  13. jwaller

    anybody have or need body plugs?

    I am looking for the steel plugs that go in the bottom of the tub for the goats. I need 5 of them and if nobody has them I'm thinking of making them. anybody?
  14. jwaller

    anyone near lonaconing md?

    I have a hmmwv roof and grille I need moved south quickly. anyone?
  15. jwaller

    arctic coolant heater

    thought I'd show some of you guys what I'm up to now. you can see the arctic battery box, control box in cab and the heater itself mounted under the cab next to the new fuel panel. The kit I'm using was meant for the 5T trucks so it will also have a coolant circulation pump and will run hot...
  16. jwaller

    Aberdeen to Columbia,sc

    anybody going that can bring back a piece of sheet steel? will be about 6'x6'
  17. jwaller

    818 locker install

    let me say this is a huge job. way more than I thought it would be. with that said, see pics.
  18. jwaller

    ring mount cab plate... how many need one?

    I am considering making these cab reinforcement plates. How many people need one/want one. they will look identical to the originals except they won't be carc painted. prob just raw steel. if I can get enough ppl interested in them I'll have a batch run. obviously the more ppl that get in...
  19. jwaller

    SC to ATL

    looks like I'll be driving my deuce to atlanta next weekend. if anybody has anything they need moved pm or post up here.
  20. jwaller

    anyoine near cherry point?

    I won some mud flaps plus 2 tool boxs and was needing it picked up and moved south if possible.
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