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  1. hoop

    Short airpack rebuild kit?

    I could use 1.....Anyone have one for sale?
  2. hoop

    Who's Rod is this?

    A friend of mine saw this at Pigeon Forge a couple of months ago...So fess up. Who has it? He has some questions...and wants to build one also.
  3. hoop

    GL Buyers Premium?

    "A 1000% Buyer's Premium applies to this lot." Now that is a little steep.
  4. hoop

    Rim Ring Position?

    So, how should the ring be positioned, in relationship to the air valve? Yes, This is a loaded question. The Army Way. Just something I learned this weekend while helping a 22 Year Army Vet out.
  5. hoop

    The way attachments(pics) open.

    I like the old way the pics would open. This way I have to Back-up, and the page has to reload again. With the old way, if I wanted a better look at the pic, I would just open a new page for it. Just my thoughts.
  6. hoop

    Pesky little Cool Weather Leaks

    Cool weather has arrived, and so have the little tiny leaks in the coolant lines. I was changing the fuel filters yesterday when I noticed 1 then another then another. Total of 5. Cold weather and square tires on the way.:beer:
  7. hoop


    I get to go over there next week, if anyone need an inspection or anything PM me.
  8. hoop

    Broken Wheel Stud

    I was surprised when this Stud just twisted in half. It never got to the point of feeling tight. It felt like I was just pulling the wheel up to the hub.
  9. hoop

    Which is the Hardest Bolt or Nut to remove from the Deuce?

    1. Emergency Brake Handle Mounting Bolt. 2. Alternator Mounting Bolts. 3. Emergency Brake Adjusting Nut. 4. #4 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold (lower). 5. Tachometer cable to motor. 6. Other.
  10. hoop

    Recovery from Portsmouth

    Long post and has not been proofread. Recovery was pushed back 3 days due to .....and Valentine's day. Left out 0630. Truck has been real sluggish and needs an engine swap. I did borrow a turbo from Rocco as mine was leaking a little. Arrived and was waved thru....Went to DRMO.....We...
  11. hoop

    Nashville TN.....any oil there???

    Will be in Nashville next week and could use some oil to get back home. Does anyone know where I can get some? Thanks
  12. hoop

    Who is going to buy this???

    Looks sweet..
  13. hoop

    Deuce starter

    Here is a Link to parts diagram for the Leece-Neville starter.
  14. hoop

    Lots of Air in Fuel....

    I am getting air in my fuel. It is either coming from my IP or getting back feed from the injectors(if that is possible). I have checked the bypass from the injectors and it is not coming from there. I get a lot of air when I disconnect the overflow valve assembly, and it is coming from the...
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