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  1. Rocco

    M1010 cucv

    Hey. I want to replace my upper and lower ball joints on the M1010 truck. I do not know the civiy part number. what do I ask for at the store? I tell them that it is a 5/4 ton truck and than they are lost. Thanks for any help.
  2. Rocco

    602 gasser

    I was at the scrap yard today and someone brought a deuce over the scales It set off the radioactive alarm they where all freaking out about it. I should have told him that the hole truck was radioactive and offered him $200 bucks for it. I told them it was just only the instrument...
  3. Rocco


    Could someone put some pics up of the inside of the M1010 I want to see the back of the cab wall between the seats. Im wandering if it is doable to convert back to a truck I can maybe cut out the door and weld another back from a different truck on to it.
  4. Rocco

    250 cummins dip stick

    Whats the total length of the dip stick for a Cummins in a 5T? The reason im asking is I changed the oil and I added 6 gallons more than im sueposed to and it still barely reads on the stick what happend?
  5. Rocco

    CCKW flat bed

    Who sells NOS or used parts for a chevy 1939 cckw? Well its not mine, Im fixing it for a friend. Im going to need brake shoes brake lines king pin for passenger side. Thats what I need for now. Thanks.
  6. Rocco


    Who knows the TM number for 5 ton camo paint scheme ?
  7. Rocco


    Can someone tell me What #1 in the picture is and #2 I think is a starter relay? Well the problem is when I try to start the truck There is no power going to anything now and the gauges show nothing I will try to start it and nothing happens I turn it off and the motor will try to turn over...
  8. Rocco

    looking for-

    Does anyone have a electric fuel shut off solenoid for sale new or used? I bought a brand new one it worked a couple of times and then stopped working whats going on? Its for the 250 Cummings How much are alternators going for now days? used working ones?
  9. Rocco

    Air compressor job.

    Does any one know the napa cross reference number for the air compressor belt? And how much is the AC belt changing tool? Thanks
  10. Rocco

    oil cooling lines?

    I don't remember which oil cooling line goes where on the radiator. there are two lines that come off of where the oil fillter is and go to the rad does it matter? I need to ASAP. Thanks.
  11. Rocco

    PTO output seal

    Does anyone have the civilian cross reference number for the output seal? The military part number is 60206-CI This part goes on to the PTO for the 5 ton dump truck.
  12. Rocco

    PTO needed.

    How much does the pto for the 5 ton dump truck cost used?
  13. Rocco

    PTO Blew up

    I was working with the 5 ton dump truck today. I went to dump it started to dump for a second Then it stopped So I thought that it might be low on hydraulic and it was. So I added some. then went back to dumping And it went up a tiny bit and the Boom! I looked under the truck and the...
  14. Rocco

    250 cumins

    Does anyone have a picture of the heater hose set up? I need to know witch hose gos where on the engine?
  15. Rocco


    Whats the max allowable speed ? 55? for a 5 ton. And max RPM?
  16. Rocco


    Does anyone have both head lights and a shut off solenoid For the 5 ton?? Thanks.
  17. Rocco

    Transfer case.

    Will the older trans case form an m52a2 fit the newer 800 series ??? It look just the same.
  18. Rocco


    Anyone no what unit this might have came from? There are no unit markings , and I would like to put the unit marks back on. here is the vin.05G-66970-10038 General products division Jeep corporation.
  19. Rocco

    5 Ton dump truck

    Could someone put up some pictures of the dump box in the up position so I can see the hyd pump set up? And the PTO set up thanks.
  20. Rocco


    How do you lock in the front wheel drive?? Theres no switch like the deuce. Im new to the 5 ton.
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