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    M923A2 Cummins belts

    So, this thread has a huge and great list of parts for 5 ton trucks. I just ordered a bunch of belts to have on hand for my M923A2 in case one breaks on the road so I'm not dead in the water. However, I realized...
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    Tire age and cracks - Still safe or replace?

    The 14.00r20 Michelin XZL tires on my M923A2 are about 15 years old. They have 80+% tread. However, there are a number of small cracks in the side wall, presumably due to age, UV, etc. Are these tires safe to run or do they need to be replaced? (Note: The photos below are highly zoomed as you...
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    Question about folding tailgate strength and ramps

    Hi folks. I recently acquired a 1991 BMY M923A2. I plan to use it for many things including possibly transporting my track car to events. The ramps I plan to use have a right-angle lip to "anchor" into the top of platform. The beds on our M923s don't have a recess or threshold for that lip to...
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    Anyone have an M35 in the Sacramento area?

    I was hoping someone would be kind enough to "introduce" me to their M35 within an hour of Sacramento. I am very keen on purchasing one sometime in the next year or so and would like to check out one out in person. I'll buy fuel, beer, lunch, whatever for an opportunity to check one out and...
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