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  1. 74M35A2

    8.3L Hydraulic Pump Add

    For any wanting to add hydraulics to their 8.3L vehicle, I wanted to illustrate another way. You can use a belt clutch hydraulic pump on the factory serpentine drive. Simply mount the pump in place of the A/C compressor of the kit. Pump has fittings on sides and rear, can use either or...
  2. 74M35A2

    Air Locking Axle Transplant for 5T, Anybody Done It?

    Looking to see if anybody has done the actual swap of the rare yet air locking 5t / 7t axles into our 5t trucks. This is not a drop an ARB carrier and not the MRAP axle. This is an entire air locking Rockwell top loader axle that was not supplied in 5t military vehicles, but supposedly fits...
  3. 74M35A2

    Seeking Cab Reinforcement Info for M939 LWS Installation

    Mods, are you putting 5 ton (M939) mod threads in the new M939 folder as well? I guess this thread is not necessarily a mod thread since it is factory parts, but more of a question going forward. Hi all, hope you and your families are staying healthy. I can't seem to find the TM which...
  4. 74M35A2

    Detroit Locker Pics

    Even though they came equipped on (some or most all?) Marine based M939’s, I’ll post this here for those that are considering to add such Detroit Lockers to their truck. Randomly there seems to be interest and questions about these. I have 2 which are uninstalled, so I thought I would post...
  5. 74M35A2

    Chinese Delco Clone Alternator Conversion P/N's

    Hi all. I just wanted to post a quick thread indicating that I do not have or know the civilian alternator conversion "part numbers". I do sell complete kits for the Cummins 8.3L which includes all needed. I have also politely posted the Cummins 8.3L civilian alternator bracket part number...
  6. 74M35A2

    8.3L Timing Cover Gasket and Front Crank Seal Change, Gravy Job!

    Had an oil leak from the front of my 8.3L. Bought new timing cover gasket and crank seal. Was quick and easy to change both. 18mm socket and breaker bar for the 4 crank pulley bolts, 3/8” ratchet to drop the belt tensioner, and 10mm for the timing cover bolts and tach adapter. Upon...
  7. 74M35A2

    Stock Top Speed and Oil Pressure for M923/5a2

    Posting for potential buyers of M923/5a2 trucks. I was looking for this info when I was buying, years ago. This is the electric oil pressure gauge replaced by a mechanical one, so better resolution. Just snapped this pic 2 days ago:
  8. 74M35A2

    M939a2 Cummins 6CTA8.3 Front Crank Seal and Timing Cover Gasket p/n's

    My stock 8.3L engine is starting to leak oil up front and the rear side of the timing case is dry, so I ordered a new replacement Cummins front crank seal and timing cover gasket. Here are the Cummins part numbers for anybody else needing to do the same. These were found from using their free...
  9. 74M35A2

    M939 Rifle Mount Options, Pics Please

    Seeking pics of various rifle mounts / locations as installed for M939. Didn’t find much searching. Can be any truck, even if not yours. Just looking for ideas. Thanks.
  10. 74M35A2

    New Technology

  11. 74M35A2

    TNJ Murray Working Phone Number?

    Trying to order from TNJ Murray, their website posted phone number is reporting disconnected. Tried dialing from cell and land line, same result. Don't want to input credit card number on their non-secure ordering page. Also don't want to input it if they are folding up shop. Hope not, they...
  12. 74M35A2

    Get Some

    No live auction links
  13. 74M35A2

    M939 LWS Shield Dimensions

    Anybody have the LWS (chicken) shield dimensions and approximate bend angle? Looking to make one vs pay $900. Thanks.
  14. 74M35A2

    M939 Rear Leaf Spring U Bolt Retaining Nuts, Hex Size?

    Replacing all 12 torque-rod (dog bone) end links this weekend, preparing tools now. Anybody know the nut size hold the rear leaf spring pack together? I may need to take this apart to get to the upper center link end castle nuts. Not enough time to cut them off and replace, so they will be...
  15. 74M35A2

    Site Access Down for FL Member

    Good morning. I was asked to submit a help request for SS member infidelgotme. Since his last recorded log-in, he is now only receiving a white screen 503 error message when attempting to access the site, even as viewing (not logging in), indicating server unavailable. Has tried from his...
  16. 74M35A2

    Interesting Find

    Dropped off some scrap at the metal yard, saw a pile of these. Is the differential to something large with indepedent suspension. Mil colored.
  17. 74M35A2

    Vendors, Submit Your Best Price Here for Bulk Buy of 11 M939 Torque Rod End Links

    All in title. I am in need to replace the remaining 11 torque rod end links on my M925a2. I can supply a business address to ship to, or provide the shipping label. If you don't wish to post your quote, please feel free to PM me. I can offer up to several brand new modern gear reduction...
  18. 74M35A2

    Silent+Cordless 24v/10a Battery Charger

    I’m in the process of purchasing full size solar panels for my house. I purchased one for feasibility study of mounting and connectivity. The panel is rated for 280W, and was less than $300. A single 12/24 battery charge controller is about $20. With a a single panel and charge controller...
  19. 74M35A2

    Engine Accessory Belt Driven Clutched Hydraulic Pump

    Just wanted to post some info for anybody wanting to add hydraulics to a truck that does not have such. This pump can be had with 8 rib serpentine or double V belt clutch. Muncie brand, all cast iron. Rated at 11 GPM @ 1000rpm, near equivalent to a 925 I believe. Easy 2 bolt mount, ports are...
  20. 74M35A2

    Amount to Raise M939 Cargo Bed to Clear 16.00 Tires @ Full Articulation, No Load

    Looking for proper amount to raise M925A2 cargo bed when converting to 16.00 XZL tires. Would assume 2", since radius profile difference from 14.00 to 16.00 tire is 2", but looking for any known cases where a 2" raised bed still kissed a 16.00 tire in full articulation with no bed load...
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