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  1. 6x6junkie

    What is this part on my m923a2

    Passenger-side front of air tank has wire and is threaded directly into tank cannot find part number on unit at all been through both of the manuals cannot find a part number to locate this unit any info would be greatly appreciated Have also looked on different trucks in the area six of them...
  2. 6x6junkie

    m35a2 runs rough at startup. Need input

    have and m35a2 with and ldt465 engine when you first start it up it runs rough like it is not running on all cylinders then when it gets hot running for 10 mins on a 60 deg day it runs great all fuel filters are new and air cleaner is new any info will be a great help thanks in advance
  3. 6x6junkie

    m1070 fuel filter

    the fuel filter on the drivers side of my 1070 just above tank with a plastic bottom with a electrical plug on the bottom , just buy the ladder does anybody have a filter # mine is white and has no # I have the nsn but napa iknow doesn't do nsns thanks
  4. 6x6junkie

    looking for the brass rivits or fasteners that hold the window tracks in for m series

    looking for a suppier for the rivit or brass fastener on the top of the door track on the hinge side of a m35a2 does anybody know where i can get them .they are brass and are almost like a brake rivit thanks
  5. 6x6junkie

    m35a2 heater core nsn and part#

    hey been searching for the nsn and part# for the deuce heater core tryed calling hunter they dont make them anymore parts book has hole heater part# can somebody hook me up
  6. 6x6junkie

    looking to champher my rear a3 wheels so i dont have to flip hubs

    hey guys looking to cut the champher in my a3 wheels on the rear of my m35a2 has anybody done this? just wondering how they line up with the stock box .i have the 395s mounted and ready to go dont like the way the dish looks on them and they are not even with the box ocording to my calculations...
  7. 6x6junkie

    5 ton pto rear faceing pto rpms ?????

    hello have a 5 ton 800 series with a pto for the old dump does anybody no what rpm comes out of the pto facing the back thanks
  8. 6x6junkie

    m548 filter crossover #s

    does anybody have a crossover or wix/napa numbers for the 548 thanks
  9. 6x6junkie

    818 center pin replacment

    have a 818 that i removed upper torque rod to replace it and took the mount off the axle that holds rod in and the center pin is broke off flush with the axle half is in the mount and half in axle . are the center pins pressed in or welded does anybody now a trick to fixin this ??? i was gonna...
  10. 6x6junkie

    m54a2 air filter part#

    hey been searching cant find the crossover # for the air filter for my m54a2 with the multifuel anybody have this thanks
  11. 6x6junkie

    looking for TM 9-2320-280-24P-2 download can anybody help

    hello been searching for UNIT, DIRECT SUPPORT AND GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENANCE REPAIR PARTS SPECIAL TOOLS LIST, FOR TRUCK, UTILITY: CARGO/T CARRIER, 1-1/4 TON, 4X4, M998, VOLUME 2TM 9-2320-280-24P-2 can anybody point me in the right direction to download this been googling it for 1 hr cant find...
  12. 6x6junkie

    fuel treatment for ethonol gas

    hello what type of ethanol reducer or eliminator are you guys using for the m151s. i hear the new fuel is just tearing up carbs thanks
  13. 6x6junkie

    Spunky motor pool ? Contact info

    Hey guys does anybody have a cell or different # for spunkys motor pool his phone nor email is working .the # i have is 757 566 3954. Is he still in bussiness thanks
  14. 6x6junkie

    m1009 fuel leak on ip

    hey guys have a m1009 fuel leak on the shaft that the throttle linkage hooks to on top of ip pump does that shaft pull out of there and easy fix ?? thankx
  15. 6x6junkie

    deuce injection pump seal #s

    hey guy been looking to do my injection pump head changeout does anybody have the part#s for the 2 orings on head and the o ring behind the stop cable been looking threw online manuals and come up with nothing cant find the part #s can u help??
  16. 6x6junkie

    deuce oil plug size ?

    does anybody now what size the deuce oil pan drain plug size? it is it is not pipe nor bolt thread ?? went to 3 different places have them stumped must be a special cut thread like mexican or german thread thanks in advace for your imput
  17. 6x6junkie

    m818 brake booster part #

    hey guys does anybody have the part # for a 5 ton brake booster
  18. 6x6junkie

    5 ton w Cummins switch question

    hello i just got a cummings 5 ton it has the normal assesory and then the on and start position switch. what is the other it says primer and lights up like when you have your high beems on is that glow plugs thanks
  19. 6x6junkie

    5 ton air cleaner crossover #

    does anybody know what the crossover # is for the 818 with cummings air filter
  20. 6x6junkie

    Deuces are clear for sale again

    deuces demil code is back to normal so we will be seeing trucks again
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