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    Steering Wheel Lock Feature m1009 missing?

    I noticed my 86 m1009 has no steering wheel lock feature. It is either missing, or was not there to begin with. I had tried to tow my m1009 over the snow last week and couldn't get the wheel to lock the way my 76 K5 does. Pulled the key, turned the wheel, no lock. Not complaining mind you. A...
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    M1009 Off Road Design 3" lift w/Shackle Flip

    My old front springs had sacked out so bad, they were the shape of an "s". The bushings were shot as I found when I swapped axles with my 1976 K5. This m1009 now rides on a 12 bolt rear and Dana 44 front axle. I have never lifted any of my vehicles. But in a moment of crazy, I decided to pull...
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    T Rex Grille

    I got tired of looking at the cheap chinese knockoff grille my m1009 had since the incident with the pine tree.. Installed a T Rex grille made in USA! Very heavy duty polished stainless steel. I know the purists will hate it. But i am not allowed to have a plastic grille. Just don't survive...
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    What is this thing on my M1009?

    I am not sure what this thing is on the hood of my M1009. It looks like a place to put a padlock. Is this original? Kinda looks booger welded so I am guessing the previous owner or maybe the Sheriff's Dept that owned it before that could have added it. At least they did a nice job poking the...
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    The price M1009 rear axle DIY rebuild

    I pulled the trigger on a new 3.08 ring and pinion to replace the damaged set in the 8.5 GM 10 bolt axle in the 1986 M1009. The old R&P had rust damage, pitting on the drive face, and a gov lock carrier showing signs of damage to the locking mechanism. I thought it might be interesting for...
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    Administrator, can you please contact a member with a full inbox?

    I am trying to reach Tow4 to purchase some of these; Delco Alternator Rebuild kits for alternator p/n 1105500 But when i pm him I get "member has exceeded inbox capacity" and I can't post to his classified ad. The ad he placed is recent. Anyway to help? Thank you.
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    Paradox by Design CUCV HMMWV cooling kit

    The Paradox supplemental cooling kit has arrived. Here is the unboxing. Tomorrow my HMMWV crossover should be here also. So when everything is together I will assemble the kit on my 1986 M1009 6.2 NA motor. I have added a high quality aftermarket bulb style coolant gauge but the bullb is in the...
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    Added an oil pressure gauge and kept warning light

    I added an oil pressure gauge to my M1009 and plumbed it into a tee so I can still have a functioning low oil pressure warning light. Things got a little kooky when I discovered the oil switch is threaded 1/8-27 npt and NOT the 1/4 npt I thought. Turns out the 6.2 block actually has a 45 degree...
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    Installed a Class 3 receiver htich on M1009

    Today Emily made a grocery run off the mountain. She brought back my Curt 13401 class 3 receiver hitch along with the mail. So after work I bolted it on to my 1986 M1009. Was slightly different than a civy Blazer install. 1. The square tube bar that connects the two halves of the "military"...
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    Replacing Injection pump, Water Pump, and Radiator

    Beginning the tear down to replace my Injection pump, water pump, and radiator. Oregon fuel injection built me a pump which I ran to town to get today on my day off from lodge duties. I have a Delco water pump coming in the mail. A Brand new brass and copper radiator is on the way from Oklahoma...
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    Installing Injection Pump and Water Pump same time?

    From what I can tell the major difficulty of replacing the injection pump on the 6.2 is getting at the timing gear bolts through the oil fill tube. So since my radiator was shot from corrosion I have ordered a Delco water pump as well. I am thinking that while I have the water pump out that...
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    New owner of a 1986 CUCV but my third K5 Blazer

    Hello. I am a newby on Steel Soldiers. Long story short.. I just bought a 1986 CUCV M1009. This is my third Blazer. Honestly, I just get a vehicle and fix it up until it has no chance of breaking down, get bored with them, sell them, and find another basket case. I still own the second which is...
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