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  1. Superdave

    White 160 AX Engine Specifications

    Does anyone have the specs for the 160 AX engine like the Bore size, rod and main diameters on the crank as well as torque specs for the head bolts rod and main bearing caps ? I am refurbishing an engine for a friend and need these to find out what I will need to order for parts. I have done a...
  2. Superdave

    Movie Star

    Just posting a few Pictures of my goat as it was used in the filming of the upcoming (War for the Planet of the Apes)coming out next month. They repainted it for the movie and made it look as it has been sitting around for years.
  3. Superdave

    My LSVW

    Here is my LSVW :D
  4. Superdave

    Universal Carrier MK1

    Hello all, I thought I would post some pictures of my almost finished 1942 MK1 Universal Carrier. This has been nearly 7 years of on and off restoration. When I got it it was a pile of parts that someone had started in the process and I took it from there.
  5. Superdave

    WC52 My First One

    I posted this on the WW2 Dodge form as not everyone goes to all of the sights so here it is as well. Well I finally got a WC52 (Project) a couple days ago. This unit was recovered here in southern Alberta when a friend told...
  6. Superdave

    Tiger Tank Model

    I am not sure this has been posted here but I ran across this site of a group building a Tiger Tank from scratch 1:1 scale, Pretty cool. VI Tiger Tank Model In 1:1 Scale (69 pics + 1 video) - Fishki.Net | Fishka's picture
  7. Superdave

    U Joint

    Does anyone know where I can locate a U joint for my center axle shaft as mine needs replacing ?? I did a search on the Gamma Goat site and I found no answers there and I contacted Rive-Rad and the did not have any :(
  8. Superdave

    Paint color

    I want to repaint my Goat in the 4 color MERDC and I am trying to figure out what the base color green is on my trailer. It looks like light green but I have been told and the chart says Forest Green, Is it just faded really bad or is it a light green color ??? I have figured out the other 3...
  9. Superdave

    Truss kit

    I have the chance on getting a Truss kit for my goat but what would something like that be worth. I have not nailed him down on a price yet and I have never seen them for sale so I don't know where to start. Dave
  10. Superdave


    I am going to Tower Park next month and I would like to pick up a good set of tires for my Goat and wanted to know if anyone might know some. I will be taking the I15 down through Montana to Salt Lake then across on 80 over towards Sacramento and then down to the meet. I was told by one person...
  11. Superdave

    WC54 my first WW11 Dodge

    I thought I would post here my first WW11 Dodge a WC54 Ambulance. It needs a total restoration but they are very hard to find any of the WW! Dodges up here in Canada but it is not too bad overall. I have a M37, M43 and a 66 flat fender Dodge but this my first early war time one. I need to find...
  12. Superdave


    Hello to all, I have just recently purchased a winch setup from a member here (popacom) but things have changed and I know longer need it. I will be listing it in the classifieds but I thought I would let every one know about it here as I know quite a few do not check out the classified section...
  13. Superdave

    Trailer Cover

    Can anyone help me with finding a vinyl cover to fit the M105 trailer preferably the 3 color camo but would consider a green one as well in good used or new condition. Also that will ship to Canada. Thanks, Dave
  14. Superdave

    Movie Goat

    Well I just acquired a 1972 Goat. I did a trade with some friends in BC for there Goat that they used for movie rentals. It was used in X-Men, Electra and a few other movies. I got well versed in the service end of it now with the seemingly endless number of grease nipples. I now am in the...
  15. Superdave

    oil filter

    I just recently picked up an A2 mule and need to change oil but I need an oil filter. Does any one have a part number for a fram, wix, napa number or are they a surplus dealer only?/
  16. Superdave

    Iltis Cable Layer

    I just finished a frame off restoration on my iltis cable layer as I tackled this project last February thinking I would just get it running as the motor was melted from getting way too hot. I purchased it as a salvage iltis from the local base as it was suppose to have made its way to the...
  17. Superdave

    I think it is time to start Drinking !!!

    This fall I took my M35A2 on a 1600 mile road trip with the Western command Military Club out of Vancouver BC. On the trip I started to loose antifreeze and the oil fill cap was starting to plug up with a light sludge. Over the trip I added about 6 gallons of water to it until I got it home. I...
  18. Superdave

    Transmission Parts Wanted

    Hello All, I am in need of a second gear and output shaft for my friends M35A2 with the 3053A trany as his second gear seized onto the shaft. If anyone has one to spare it would greatly be appreciated. I also put an ad in the parts wanted section. Picture attached of the old set.
  19. Superdave

    Heater parts

    Hello all, I am still searching for some heater parts to install the factory hot water heater into the M135/M211 Gmc truck. I have located some parts but I still need the control cables with mount and the data plates and the fan switch with mount and data plate. I am also looking for the...
  20. Superdave

    D turbo Wanted

    Hello to all, I am looking for a good used D turbo for my truck if any one can help just send me a pm, Thanks. I also posted an ad in the classifieds but I thought I would get a better response here. Dave
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