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  1. chevymike

    Radiator Internals

    Yeah, that's about what mine looked like. Took it to a local radiator shop to have the boil and clean it but when they inspected it, they showed me how thin the tube are getting and cleaning it would result in lots of little pinholes. I had them re-core it and haven't looked back. Wasn't...
  2. chevymike

    Mounting an AC compressor on stock 6.2?

    I think what I liked about the Nostalgic Air unit was it was it's own self contained A/C only unit and did not mess with the factory heater system. As much as it would suck, I can live without A/C but if the heater doesn't work to defrost the windshield, that becomes a PITA. The Vintage Air is...
  3. chevymike

    Yet Another M1010 Thread

    Congrats!!! You by chance the person who contacted me over on ExPo? Looks like a good starting point.
  4. chevymike

    Mounting an AC compressor on stock 6.2?

    That might be the case on the brackets but this kit the under dash housing is the part not being made anymore. It's the plastic part that holds all of the under dash parts. That company went out of business.
  5. chevymike

    Mounting an AC compressor on stock 6.2?

    And don't worry about being able to buy a full kit from them. I just checked a couple weeks back and the CUCV kit they offer, the company that made their A/C housing went out of business so they cannot source anything at this point. :(
  6. chevymike

    Best Mods to Get a CUCV to go 75mph?

    The 35" on the H2 wheels (17x8.5) were 12.5" (35x12.5-17) The 33" ones are (wheels 16x7) 255/85-16. Then end up close to 10" wide. The equivalent in a 17" wheel will be 255/80-17.
  7. chevymike

    Best Mods to Get a CUCV to go 75mph?

    You can fit 35" tires without a lift but there is not much rear wheel travel before you hit the wheel wells. Here is 35" on Hummer H2 wheels and no lift. You can see the tire is already tucked up some. Here is the rear with a 2.5" shackle flip, which gives you back full travel without too...
  8. chevymike

    Best Mods to Get a CUCV to go 75mph?

    Keep in mind the M1009 is NOT using 4.56 gears like the M1008/M1010. M1009 use 3.08 gears and do not suffer the same limited top speed that the others do. In stock form, the 1008/1010 at red line will hit 65mph. 55mph is about 2700 rpms. Red line is 3400.
  9. chevymike

    Best Mods to Get a CUCV to go 75mph?

    If built correctly, they can work well BUT before you go down that road, make sure you can track down a 700R4 TB cable bracket that is used on the 6.2L diesels. Without that rare bracket, you cannot hook up the TB cable correctly (it is not a kick down cable and is essential for a 700R4 to work...
  10. chevymike

    Best Mods to Get a CUCV to go 75mph?

    4.10 WITH an overdrive of some sort and larger tires. No way just regearing is going to do enough. Biggest key is an overdrive of some sorts.
  11. chevymike

    Best Mods to Get a CUCV to go 75mph?

    Welcome to the M1010 club! Tire size will help. No lift you can do 33" tires without issues (that's what I am running). If you can go up to a 35" tire (about a 2.5" lift needed) that will help more but will not get you to cruise comfortably at 70-75. You will need some type of overdrive as...
  12. chevymike

    Which CUCV is this truck?

    Not a CUCV as they were '84-'86 models and all 4WD. This was government purchased but not via the CUCV program. Cool truck.
  13. chevymike

    Some M1010 Camper Box Mods

    So I haven't really shared that much of my M1010 camper build, as it's not for everyone. Some will scorn at me, others think it's cool. I am building my own camper the way I want, so that's good enough for me. Thought I might share a couple big box mods I have been working on. This is the...
  14. chevymike

    Trans Shift Points

    Sounds like the trans modulator is bad at the trans. I had this same problem and if that goes bad, the TH400 will shift based on RPM's, which is very high, resulting in the shifting MPH your are seeing. I swapped mine out and replaced a couple rotted hoses and it worked perfectly. I don't...
  15. chevymike

    Clear coat over latex paint

    I think adhesion issue is where the clear coat won't stick well to the old paint. You likely need to scuff the entire truck before even trying any clear coat.
  16. chevymike

    Maybe a stupid question But

    Curious too. I have thought about it myself.
  17. chevymike

    M1031 Build

    Nope, Howell too much $$$ for what you get. Performance Fuel Injection. Very complete system for just over $1000.!/Complete-TBI-Conversion-Kit-for-Stock-Big-Block-Chevy-454-7-4L/p/41532436/category=27177706
  18. chevymike

    M1031 Build

    Originally it was MPI but I only got the long block, not the full EFI setup. I am going to do an aftermarket TBI setup, that uses factory type TBI parts. This way I can easily get parts on the road, if needed. I can also carry some spare sensors and the nice thing is, they are all really...
  19. chevymike

    M1031 Build

    Yep, that's my problem too. I keep trying to find a relatively inexpensive diesel alternative that swaps in without having to do a lift (i.e. Cummins needs a lift to clear front axle). I am fairly sure I have a failed head gasket or more likely, cracked head as I am loosing coolant but no...
  20. chevymike

    Gear Vendors Overdrive

    Sadly not many miles, a few hundred at this point but I do know a few people who have had 10's of thousands of miles on theirs without issues. Biggest thing is changing the fluid every 5000 miles.
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