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    LMTV power increase

    Hello, I searched and found a few threads but nothing with all the details. I am looking to increase the HP of my Cat 3116 powered LMTV. The engine is currently rated at 225HP and I want to upgrade to the 290HP level of the FMTV. I did some comparison of the parts manuals etc between the two...
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    LMTV cab latch

    Hello, Does anyone have a picture of the cab latch in the latched condition? I am trying to determine how far the indicator pin retracts when the cab is latched. On my truck the pin only moves in 1/4 of an inch and alot of the red portion is visible. My is pictured below.
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    Indianapolis Preview request

    Hello, I am looking for somebody who will be available this week to preview/ inspect a couple of 5Ton trucks I am interested in. If you can help me out please e-mail or PM me. Thanks, Mike Update: Bob Rainville was able to help me out, I won the truck I was interested in, hope to get it home...
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